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online plants is Australia’s first and largest online nursery, selling plants at the cheapest prices to all retail customers across the country.

Online plants are Australia’s first and largest plants online nursery, selling plants at the cheapest prices to all retail customers across the country. Magnolia Plants grow well in full sun and partial shade location, and require slightly acidic, moist and well-drained soil. Agapanthus, also known as Lily Of The Nile, is a perennial herb and grows to the height of 4 feet at maturity. Lavenders require little maintenance once established, and the flowers are suited to drying. Cordyline are extremely useful as a contrasting foliage shrub in modern Australian gardens. Lilly Pilly is a native Australian plant that adds wonderful charms to your garden. Glossy evergreen foliage coloured leaf growth makes Lilly Pilly hedge Plants Tree varieties as perfect hedge screening plants. Bottle brush has delightful flowers in spring and summer, and depending on the variety, ranges in colours from white, pink, red and purple. If you’re a plant person, no wonder you would often fill your garden home with lush green plants. However, if you aim for privacy and want to install screen beds or hedging, Lilly Pillies are the best bet. These are a common choice for privacy in Australian gardens for years. When choosing Lilly Pilly, ensure to pick the right one which can be trimmed pruned into a screen bed or a hedge to get the desired look. You can even visit an online nursery Melbourne to help you with the product ranges. They are evergreen, usually with glossy green foliage that flushes with colour when the new growth comes through. So, let’s find out the three varieties of Lilly Pilly that give you the privacy appeal you need. Pittosporum is a favourite for many Australian gardens. Evergreen and very hardy they are ideal as screening trees or low hedges depending on the variety. Online Plants has an extensive range of hedging varieties such as Pittosporum Tenuifolium, Pittosporum screen master, silver sheen, sunburst, limelight, James Stirling, ivory sheen, green pillar, silver song, gold star and garnetti, all of which attain various heights between 6-12 metres, as well as lower growing forms such as golf ball and miss Muffett.


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