An ultimate guide to buying Safuux

SafuuX Chain is a standalone, fast and secure blockchain that enables developers the use of smart contracts through EVM

As we all know that Safuu is not been currently listed on the Binance platform. Binance is tirelessly working to add more and more cryptocurrencies to this platform to facilitate users in enjoying seamless trade and investment.

Below, we are listing the steps to get Safuux from your Binance wallet by first connecting the same to the decentralized exchange using your Binance account.

A quick sight at the buying process

The steps that will help you in buying the Safuux are as follows:

  1. Navigate to download a Binance wallet: The very first involved in getting this token is to download the Binance from your operating computer/laptop from Google Chrome and the wallet Chrome extension. If you prefer using mobile over the computer/laptop then you can get the app installed on your mobile device (if the app is available). Pay special heed to get the official Chrome extension.
  2. Set up the wallet: The next step is to set up and register your Binance wallet via the Chrome extension or the mobile app that you have downloaded. If you are looking for the guiding steps to perform the actions then you can reach the support page of the wallet for reference.
  3. Get BNB chain as your base currency: After setting up an account with the wallet, you can proceed to trade in the cryptocurrencies. To get a crystal clear idea of the same, you can refer to the “how to buy BNB chain guide” section.
  4. Transfer the BNB chain from Binance to your crypto wallet: After getting the BNB chain, move to your Binance wallet section and look at the BNB chain that you have recently purchased. Now, click on “Withdraw” and fill up all the required information then wait to get your BNB chain reflected in your Binance.
  5. Pick out one of the Decentralized exchanges: In this section, you’ll have to choose one of the decentralized exchanges to connect your wallet with it. You can now trade your BNB chain with the coin you wish to get followed by the swap.


The above-covered steps are the most common steps to get the Safuux. By following the steps in the sequence listed you will be able to buy the native coin of the newly launched crypto exchange Safuu. While going through all these steps, you’ll need to pay special heed.


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