Is A Softail Electric Mountain Bike A Good First Ebike?

Electric bikes have become very popular in modern society because they are closely related to our daily life. Human beings are always looking for technologies to make communing, sporting, and recreational activities much easier.

Because of the rising demand, there are various types of ebikes on the market, among them a softail ebike. You can get a full suspension electric mountain bike that offers great power and smooth handling with every ride.

However, investing in a softail ebike is a decision you must consider carefully. In this guide, we will be discussing whether it’s an excellent choice for a first ebike.

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About Softail Ebikes

You may have heard about a softail electric mountain bike and even thought about buying one. But do you know what it is, and why it’s called a softail? If not, it’s important that we start by explaining what it means.

Generally, a softail ebike comes with suspension on both front and rear wheels. As you already know, regular ebikes only have one suspension, mostly at the front.

A softail has an extra rear suspension that is not on a hardtail ebike. This makes the bike more comfortable and stable for riding on off-road trails – hence, softail.

Apart from the comfort, the bikes offer improved traction and comfort, making the rider feel more comfortable. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who wishes to ride without straining too much.

A full suspension electric mountain bike can enhance your riding experience. The tires are always kept in contact with the ground, ensuring greater traction and handling for the rider.

Aside from that, it absorbs the bumps and vibrations much better, making it an ideal choice for uneven terrain. It’s hard to experience back problems when you have a bike that takes in all the pressure, leaving you with nothing less than a smooth ride.

It is a Softail Ebike, a Good Choice for a First Ebike

Magicycle is one of the companies known for supplying high-end ebikes. The company has a huge collection of bikes to meet various user needs. This is the company to count on if you are looking for a reliable softail ebike.

But before you reach out to get yours, it’s important to establish which softail ebike is the right fit for you. We have highlighted several reasons here.

It makes riding “soft”.

The rough mountain terrain can be quite unforgiving. We have seen riders come down with back problems because they descended a rocky mountain on a hard bike.

Softtail electric bikes come with full suspension on the front and rear tires. Thus, it absorbs the shock of such terrain much better than regular bikes or other ebikes.  

So, if you have a back problem and still want to explore the mountains, a softail electric mountain bike is a perfect option. And since it’s electric, you don’t have to depend on your leg power all the time on those stressful terrains. Simply click on the setting you want and start enjoying a smooth ride.

It helps you ride faster.

Even with the most powerful ebikes, climbing mountain trails is difficult. You still have to put in some effort. Also, the terrain can get a bit tricky, especially when it has rained. That means you may not reach your destination as fast as you would wish to.

However, thanks to the additional traction and shock absorption, softail ebikes make it possible for the ride to reach mountain heights at higher speeds. Also, it can go downhill much faster as the suspension system absorbs much of the impact as the wheel touches the ground.

Whether you are a fast rider, or a slower one, this is a bike you want to have in your collection. It’s the best option for conquering both smooth and rough trails.

It can help you traverse trails you couldn’t have with any other bike.

An electric mountain bike is one of the best investments for those who want to explore different sceneries.  However, pro riders will tell you that different terrains offer a different experience.

A flat road offers smooth riding, which is easy with any bike. But the gravel, hills, and tougher terrains are a different story. Such trails cause vibrations and shock to the bikes that only get more uncomfortable the higher you go.

If you want to ride far, you need a bike that can handle the pressure while keeping you are comfortable as possible. And that is what softail ebikes are all about. You can use the bike to reach places you never thought you would – and faster.

You can ride for longer periods.

Riding rough terrain using a standard ebike is tolerable. Since you won’t be straining to peddle, riding once a week can be good for you. However, riding over rough terrains for a long period can cause fatigue and body ache to the rider – something you want to avoid.   

The large bumps and the impact that comes from ebike riding can be hard to handle. The last thing you want is to injure yourself because you used a bike that was not ideal.

 A softail ebike makes uneven terrains safe and comfortable. The front and the back wheel are both installed with suspension systems that will handle the stress. This is upgraded with great traction that keeps the wheel on the ground.

Your body does not take the strain of the bumps. Hence, you feel relaxed and without any fear of physical fatigue. You can take long rides and still have the energy for other things.

With such advantages, age will never be a reason why you can ride mountain terrains. We had seen riders who started when they were young using regular ebikes but have upgraded to softail bikes so they can continue doing what they love the most.

Final Thought

Is a softail mountain ebike a good choice for a first e-bike? Yes. Get the Magicycle Deer as your first ebike, and you can ride for a long time without ever getting tired.

We hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions about e-bikes, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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