Daily Sales Report / DSR Meaning and its Advantages

Rise POS is a product by OneGreenDiary that provides bakeries and restaurants with the best and the most thoughtful billing software of Point Of Sale.

DSR meaning – A daily sales report (DSR) summarizes a store’s daily sales activity, typically including information such as total sales revenue, the number of transactions, and the top-selling products or services. DSRs are important since they provide business owners and managers with a quick, overview of their sales performance on a daily basis, allowing them to make informed decisions and take timely decisive actions if necessary. Additionally, DSRs are useful for tracking trends and identifying patterns in sales, which can inform long-term business strategy. Thus, we can say that this is a forecasting tool that helps a business to write its future.
DSR Report Consists of :
Payment details –
The payment details consist of payment methods such as cash, card, Google Pay, and others. Diary is a payment method that works like a virtual wallet. Save to diary signifies credits and outstanding. “Pay from diary” is used for making payments from the prepaid or advanced virtual wallet amount.
Section (including N.C Orders)-
Sections summarise the sales total against orders such as immediate dine-in orders or to-go orders, and home delivery, and also register all the no charge orders that are witnessed that particular day. This helps the management to categorize customers.
Cashier Details –
Mentions the Opening and Closing balance of the drawer for that particular day. This helps in accounting wastage, theft, and other miscellaneous expenses made. It acts as a helpful tool for accounting and security. Rise POS provides efficient petty cash management with its cash register functionality.
Clear Diary –
Extending customer credits and receiving advances are essential and quite regular business cases. Diary is a virtual wallet that helps keep track of credit and debit transactions in a customer account. The past credit clearance is not captured with the payment types e.g. past credit of Rs. 500 is cleared with Cash. The clear diary mentions all such transactions for maintaining accounting hygiene. Rise POS keeps track of all the transactions and thus is called the most thoughtful restaurant billing software.
Orders Altered –
Apart from the regular sales orders, there are transactions that get canceled, void, or marked as No charge or even on the Employee account. It is essential to keep track of such transactions even when it is captured under revenue since it accounts for the inventory count. All such transactions are detailed in this section.
Payment Details –
This is quick sales summary is shown in this section. It includes Total Discount, Net Sale, Quantity Sold, and No. of Customers.
Bonus Advantages
The issue of theft and no charge customers can significantly impact a business’s financial performance. To account for these issues, businesses typically track them separately in their DSR and use that information to adjust their operations.
Theft can be tracked by monitoring inventory levels and comparing them to sales data. If there is a contrast, it could indicate that items are being stolen. Businesses can also use security cameras, loss prevention techniques, and other measures to reduce theft.
No charge customers can be tracked by monitoring the number of customers who do not pay for their purchases. This could indicate that they are not being properly charged or that they are receiving unauthorized discounts. Businesses can address this issue by implementing proper pricing and discount policies and training employees to follow them.
Both these issues can also be tracked by monitoring the financial performance of the business over time. If sales or profit margins are consistently lower than expected, it could indicate that theft or no charge customers are having an impact.
Overall, it is important for businesses to regularly review their DSR and take action to address any issues related to theft or no charge customers to maintain their financial performance.
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DSR is a Daily Sale Report. Go To ‘Reports’

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