Doom Eternal's next DLC teases the battle with the Dark Lord

Doom Eternal's next DLC teases the battle with the Dark Lord

Power stancesElden Ring brings back a feature from Dark And Darker 2 that lets Dark And Darker Gold you equip two weapons of the same class and attack with both at the same time with a unique moveset. Unlike in Dark And Darker 2, you don't need 1.5x the weapons' normal stat requirements.

Flask of Wondrous PhysickThat's right, Elden Ring has not one, nor just two types of flask. You also have a third consumable flask which has two slots for gems that let you customize its effects.

StealthStealth is new in Elden Ring, but relatively light. Crouching will make enemies less likely to notice you and help avoid fights. Summoning ashesThe new spirit summons for Elden Ring are controlled by items called ashes that cost FP to cast.

Group passwordsAs in Dark And Darker 3, you can set a password to make it easier to summon a friend for multiplayer. Elden Ring adds a new group password system that seems like it'll support clans and dedicated PvP groups.

Time of dayThe time of day naturally progresses as you play, but you can also choose to skip time ahead from Sites of Lost Grace. There are some enemies in the open world that only spawn at night or behave differently, even in the small opening area we've played.

Dropping what might appear to be the most fire Speed Metal album cover of 2021, the Doom Twitter account has let us all know that a teaser for Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two will be coming on March 15th, just a week from Dark And Darker Gold Coins today.


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