The Miracle of Antioxidants

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What is the the miracle of anti-oxidants? It's because they fight stress, and stress is considered to be the number one killer today!

If you've ever entered a health food store or sauntered through the aisles of vitamins at the local grocery store, one thing is for sure. Anti-oxidants are everywhere. And not only that, commercials on TV focus on the great benefits of foods that have anti-oxidants. Why? Because they're the buzz word these days. But are they really the answer? Or, have we only skimmed the surface and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon? Will eating blueberries like the health food magazines really delay disease? If you believe the marketers! Unfortunately, outrageous claims are being made over a science that's in its infancy. But when there's a buck to be made, the beat goes on.

Let's get some facts straight. First, there is truth and science to back up that anti oxidants fight what's known as free radicals (bad guys) and the next big buzz word: "oxidative stress." The science is telling us that it is these two culprits who will ultimately age and bring on horrendous diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, asthma, skin cancer, and a plethora of others. We also know over a period of time unchecked oxidative stress simply a course in miracles bookstore  chaos in our bodies and so it has become part of the billion dollar industry that promises us to keep from aging (at least look like we're not), and healthy.

But there's a rub. The good news is that we are living longer. The bad news is that many folks who are living longer are not finding these years as productive or enjoyable. It's evident our doctors can keep us alive through medications and other means, but at what cost?

At this point we're being told that that antioxidants like vitamin C are the answer. In part, that's true. They work directly one a one on one relationship with free radicals - the roving culprits that cause disease. But, what scientists are now discovering is that it's like placing one solider in front of the entire Chinese Army (the largest in the world), and saying "go get 'em tiger!

These approaches are just not sufficient enough to deal with the number of free radicals in our body, and the anti-oxidants we're using are overwhelmed before the battle even begins. As an example, to counter the free radicals in your body every day, you'd have to drink 100 glasses of red wine or consume 375 oranges! (The wine wins if you ask me.)

Is there a better way?

Yes. There are 3 antioxidants that when delivered into the system can match the Chinese Army...I mean the free radicals. They are glutahione, superoxide dismustase, and catalase. So, how does David overcome Goliath so if you live longer, you can also live a happier life?

There are numerous studies that have already been peer reviewed that show an answer to this challenge. These studies are opening a whole new world of science - from taking a powerful, all natural antioxidant one time a day, to complementing it with a skin cream (by the way, the skin delivers it more directly), our bodies can begin to really deal with what 375 oranges offer!

I recommend you check your science, don't fall for the labeling on products that promise the delivery of anti-oxidants, and look for studies that support what I've just shared. And, look for an answer that provides a researched inside out, and outside in approach!


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