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Thinking about attending a coding Bootcamps? Coding is an in-demand profession and will continue to grow as a career path. Here are some reasons you may want to decide to go on the educational journey.

Coding Bootcamp Training

Information technology or computer coding Bootcamp teaches essential skills and provides real-world experience for those seeking employment in the field. The focus of coding bootcamps is on the hard skills employers look for, reducing the time and expense of pursuing a traditional college degree. This makes coding bootcamps a great investment for launching a tech career.

The duration and intensity of coding bootcamps are short. College programs can take up to four years to complete, whereas coding bootcamps can be completed in as little as a year. If you need to enter the job market quickly or have other commitments and cannot commit to a long-term program, this is a great option. Coding bootcamps are usually not accredited. Rather, they teach skills that are relevant to obtaining a job in the technology field. Technology companies are less likely to require diplomas or degrees from accredited programs, which is a good thing. When hiring, employers typically look for projects that demonstrate a candidate’s coding ability, which is what you’ll be learning in a coding bootcamp.

Compared to traditional education, coding bootcamps provide more flexibility. In most coding bootcamps, students can learn part-time, full-time, or self-paced, giving more flexibility to those with other commitments. Programs are also available on weekends, nights, and online. The assistance offered by coding bootcamps goes above and beyond what most college programs offer. It is not just the classes and instructors at coding bootcamps that provide assistance. Their services include mentorship, academic assistance, resume assistance, networking events, and career coaching. Approximately 74% to 90% of bootcamp students found a job within six months of graduation, according to Career Karma. Overall, the bootcamp industry offers a high rate of job placement.

But Why Unique System Skills As Coding Bootcamp?

Unique System Skills is a privately-owned local IT Training, Staffing, and Consulting company. We are a licensed IT Training School. Our instructors are seasoned tech-industry professionals. They share current information based on their personal experiences in their respective fields and careers. Through a combination of instructor-led learning and hands-on exercises, our bootcamps will help you launch your career in the tech industry, development, analysis, or marketing fields. Our programs are accessible, flexible, and to accommodate working professionals seeking a change of career while maintaining a full-time job.

The classes are split 50/50 between lectures and hands-on exercises. You will gain practical industry experience through real-world projects that will enable you to work with industry professionals on real business problems and collaborate with designers, data scientists, and web developers in order to deliver a realistic solution. Furthermore, being a highly rated staffing company, we will assist you with the marketing of your resume with the help of our marketing experts.

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