How Bulk SMS Services Can Bring Benefits to Customers and Increase Sales

Bulk SMS services provide the capability for businesses to send mass messages to various recipients. The service is especially effective in the context of marketing and advertising and is also used for communications between businesses as well.

Using bulk SMS services in your business is a must and be frightened away from the introduction because of time commitments or the many other excuses you may come up with that are costing you time and money. The time to do it is now. so firstly, let’s have a quick look at the various services on offer.

What! You say! There is more than one way to bulk SMS? Now you are getting complicated. Not quite true but sending a 160-character message from your computer to a mobile phone anywhere at any time needs a bit of planning as there are several tried ways to achieve this and all with associated benefits.

Email to SMS Services

That's it; you put in the mobile phone number and an email address that is provided by your supplier and type a message of up to 166 characters.

Be warned that you should clear all footers on your email template as the SMS may pick these up and you will send multiple messages.

Desktop SMS Services

Desktop SMS is a nice program on your desktop that will include send and receive panels with lots of storage for names and numbers, templates, and even a scheduling panel for future times.

Web SMS Services

Web SMS is the same as a desktop, but you must log into the site to use it. Used for remote access, Screen-based server networks (thin clients), travelers, and any time that you change locations. An ideal service when you are out of the country roaming as the in/out SMS messages retain a local charge, unlike the carrier roaming charges that may cost a packet.

Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS is the sending of a message to a large number of recipients.

Now is the time for a reminder that anti-Spam laws apply in most counties and that the ramifications of breaking these laws can be disastrous if not just very costly.

You should check your local authorities before sending messages, but as a rule, numbers gathered from clients and staying within your business products are acceptable.

A few working examples have provided some real opportunities for you. A sports training group that has a regular membership went over their past lists and entered about 150 names and numbers into a web-based list, the result was nearly one-third of those messaged re-joined the group which provided a return on investment from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. A white goods company has a quarterly car park sale.

contacting everyone that has been to the center over some time. Around 10,000 messages guarantee a good turn up of customers, the cost of about 25% of press, and the results more than 10 times. With sales and promotions, video stores maintain customer contact and heighten awareness along the way.

Increased chance of sales

You can increase sales by using transactional SMS or promotional SMS marketing. How is that possible? Well, if applied properly, this marketing technique will help you grow sales for your company. Higher SMS open rates are attainable when your company sends an SMS, which is not possible with other marketing techniques.

Source: How Bulk SMS Services Can Bring Benefits to Customers and Increase Sales


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