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Looking for the best hip replacement specialist in Baner, Pune? Dr. Vishwajeet Chavan is the best hip replacement Surgeon in Baner, Pune. He has more than 10 years of experience. Dr. Vishwajeet Chavan performed a total hip replacement, partial hip replacement, and hip resurfacing at Divine

What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip Replacement Surgery is a medical procedure for helping patients suffering from chronic hip injuries or degenerative disorders that lead to joint deterioration. The surgery is carried out by making an incision over the affected area, to disclose the damaged joint which is then removed and replaced by an artificially created graft.

The material used for making grafts is of very high quality and is designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the patient. Hip Replacement Surgery can help the patient to repair normal movement of the hip joint and get rid of the pain and ache.

If you are suffering from hip-related problems consult with the best hip replacement surgeon in Baner, Pune. at Dr. Vishwajeet Chavan.

Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Baner

Types of Hip Replacement Surgery:

There are three major types of hip replacement surgery as follows:

  • total hip replacement (most common)- 
  • partial hip replacement- 
  • hip resurfacing surgery- 

The most familiar type of hip replacement surgery is called total hip replacement also called total hip arthroplasty. In this surgery, worn-out or damaged areas of your hip are replaced with synthetic implants. The socket is replaced with an enduring plastic cup, which may or may not also include a titanium metal shell. Your femoral head will be removed and replaced with a ball made from ceramic or a metal alloy. The new ball is bound to a metal stem that is inserted into the top of your femur. (Learn more about types of hip implants.)

Two other types of hip replacement surgeries are each typically appropriate for patients of specific age groups and activity levels:

  • Partial hip replacement also called hemiarthroplasty, implicates replacing only one side of the hip joint – the femoral head – rather than both sides as in total hip replacement. This procedure is most commonly done in older patients who have cracks in their hips.
  • Hip resurfacing is a form of hip replacement surgery. It uses implants to relieve hip pain and stiffness generated by osteoarthritis and other diseases. The implants take the place of destroyed tissue and bone, allowing for more fluid motion. This type of surgery is done by a person younger than 60 who is the best nominee for hip resurfacing.

When do you require Hip Replacement Surgery?

Dr. Vishwajeet Chavan May Recommend Hip Replacement Surgery in either of the following cases:

  • Extreme hip pain, particularly after walking or lying in the same position for a prolonged period
  • Inflammation and swelling that increases with body movement
  • A hip injury due to an accident
  • Sports injuries related to the hip

How Much Does a Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Pune?

There are several types of hip replacement surgery, and the expense for each of them is different. The average hip replacement surgery expense in Pune depends upon the kind of surgery conducted. Except for the surgery expenses, the expense also depends on medicines, physiotherapy, and medical tests before and after the therapy and rehabilitation. Have a discussion with Dr. Vishwajeet Chavan regarding the potential hip replacement surgery cost in Pune.

How to book an Appointment?

Dr. Vishwajeet R. Chavan at Divine Cure Orthopedic Clinic provides the best hip replacement surgery in Baner Pune. For more information about our comprehensive treatment options, or to request an appointment with the best orthopedic doctor in Baner Pune call 9022557808 or Click on Book Appointment for online booking.

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