Where to Find Jellycat Bunnies in Singapore: Top Retailers

Just a mere look of the Jellycat bunny Singapore steals your heart away. At Lovingly Signed, you can access to a captivating bunny collection like nowhere else.

Believe it or not, Jellycat bunny Singapore is the utmost source of comfort for everyone. Let it be children or adults, everyone finds their comfort zone in the tiny, fluffy bunny. The sweet and snuggly of all, Jellycat bunnies, have a unique charm of their own. From their soft furs to small paws to wiggly ears to cuddly bodies, they stand out from all stuffed toys. Due to these reasons, they have become a wonderful gift choice for every occasion. Moreover, they have gained a worldwide popularity for their whimsical nature. Singapore gift outlets stock an awe-inspiring variety of these quirky bunnies that you’ll love. They include trendy prints and beautiful colors to give buyers a range of options to choose from. All thanks to their cute features, children as well as grownups cannot let go this sweet little toy. Put an end to purchasing boring stuffed animal because Jellycat bunnies are now flooding the Singaporean market. Here, we have enlisted the top retailers where you can find Jellycat bunnies in Singapore. Let’s begin!

Lovingly Signed

Just a mere look of the Jellycat bunny Singapore steals your heart away. At Lovingly Signed, you can access to a captivating bunny collection like nowhere else. We guarantee that you cannot take your eyes away from the adorable bunnies. Every household deserves a whole army of them. So, prepare to hear chuckles and giggles from every corner of your home. Along with this, you can get loads of other baby essentials from this store. Shop online at Lovingly Signed to get the perfect baby gift for every occasion. Jellycat bunny is a must!


Perhaps you will be thinking why these Jellycat bunnies are so hyped. What makes them different from ordinary stuffed toys? Well, you must purchase one to get answers to your questions. Feel the true softness and cuddling nature of the Jellycat bunnies from Whyzee. This store offers a range of bunnies that are ready to decorate your little one’s toy shelf. The number of bunnies that this store offers is truly amazing. Apart from them, you can find tremendous options for yourself too. So, make a purchase from Whyzee and cheer up new parents with your gift.

Baby Central

Becoming a parent is a major milestone. This is the moment where you can shower your love to new parents. Along with being a major seller of baby essentials, Baby Central owns a unique Jellycat bunnies variety. Being the biggest comfort zone for babies, this toy is a must for first-time mommies. Grab the premium bunnies and many other baby essentials to offer a perfect gift to parents. Baby Central includes a lot of baby products including the popular Jellycat bunnies. So, check out their amazing variety and get your order placed right away. 

Hatchery Cribs

Want your gifting needs to be fulfilled under one roof?  Hatchery Cribs is here to offer you with fabulous baby items that you’ll be surprised. Whether you are looking for goodies for parents or for babies, you can find everything at this store. Of course, Jellycat bunnies are must. Let your baby play and cuddle with their very own stuffed bunny. Hatchery Cribs offers high-quality baby products and toys so your baby can enjoy a safe play. With tons of accessories and essentials, the store is an ideal choice for baby shopping.


KrisShop is here to deliver your gifts to your loved anywhere across the world. That’s right! Just pick your favorite products from their website and send your heartwarming wishes to your close ones. From gorgeous baby essentials to luxurious Jellycat bunnies, the store has been brining smiles to babies and mommies. Also, they strictly pose an emphasis on quality. Only high-quality products are offered for babies. At KrisShop, you can choose from an amazing collection of Jellycat bunnies that fits your baby’s personality. Do check out their occasional discounts.

The Sea Apple

The Sea Apple is well-known for its huge catalog of baby products, all winning your heart. The store incorporates a delightful collection of baby essentials so you can get your favorite items. The all-time favorite Jellycat bunny, organic ruffled jumpsuits, baby bloomers, mittens, and booties are the bestselling items in the store. Speaking of Jellycat bunny, they offer a beautiful variety that you will love each one of them. Just visit their website and we assure that you will get a gorgeous present for your little one.


Jellycat Bunny is an adorable toy that can be passed down to generations as a token of love. Get your Jellycat Bunny Singapore from Lovingly Signed and make your loved one’s day. Personalize the little jumper to make it a precious keepsake. Present fabulous gifts to little one only from Lovingly Signed.

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