Nurturing Excellence: G.L.S. University's Journey in Ahmedabad

Founded in the year 2015, GLS University has emerged as a prominent and esteemed private educational institution situated in the dynamic state of Gujarat, more specifically in the city of Ahmedabad.

Founded in the year 2015, GLS University has emerged as a prominent and esteemed private educational institution situated in the dynamic state of Gujarat, more specifically in the city of Ahmedabad. Demonstrating an unshakable dedication to the pursuit of education, the university has succeeded in cultivating a robust community of learners, surpassing an impressive count of 25,000 students. These individuals are collectively immersed in an extensive array of academic programs, spanning across diverse disciplines and catering to various educational levels.

G.L.S. University Ahmedabad, Courses

GLS University offers a range of courses aimed at delivering top-notch education. These encompass B.Com. in Commerce, B.B.A. in Business Administration, B.C.A. in Computer Applications, and B.Des. with specializations in Fashion Design, Communication Design, Environment Design, and Industrial Design. Additionally, the offerings extend to B.Ed. in Education, M.B.A. with specializations in Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource Management, Integrated M.B.A. with specializations in Finance, Marketing, and HRM, M.Com. in Commerce, M.Sc. in Information Technology, Integrated M.Sc. in IT, M.C.A., and M.C.A. (Lateral) in Computer Application. The university also provides Ph.D. programs across various domains, including Management, Computer Applications, IT, Commerce, Design, and Interdisciplinary fields, along with PGDCA in Computer Applications. These programs encompass specific eligibility criteria, thereby ensuring a diverse array of academic opportunities for aspiring students.

G.L.S. University Ahmedabad, Facilities

The facilities at GLS University are designed to elevate the student experience. The extensively equipped library serves as a hub of knowledge and learning resources. Cutting-edge laboratories encourage hands-on exploration, and contemporary classrooms create an ideal setting for learning. Medical assistance prioritizes student well-being, while sports facilities encourage a well-rounded lifestyle. The all-encompassing computer labs address technological requirements, and the auditorium hosts a variety of events, contributing to a lively campus culture. These facilities collectively underscore the university's dedication to delivering comprehensive education and hands-on growth possibilities.

G.L.S. University Ahmedabad, Admission Process

The admission procedure at G.L.S. University Ahmedabad follows a systematic methodology for selecting candidates across its diverse programs. Aspiring students undergo assessment through distinct criteria, encompassing academic achievements, entrance exams, interviews, and portfolio evaluations, based on the specific course requirements. The university places emphasis on a well-rounded approach to admissions, taking into account not just academic accomplishments but also a candidate's potential, enthusiasm, and alignment with the chosen program. This comprehensive approach guarantees that individuals joining G.L.S. University are not only aptly matched with their chosen courses but also add value to the university's academic milieu.

G.L.S. University Ahmedabad, Scholarship


GLS University extends scholarships to its students, taking into account a range of factors including merit, financial situation, and socioeconomic background. The university's commitment to providing scholarships is particularly evident in its support for deserving individuals, with a specific focus on marginalized communities like Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe, and socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. The institution also upholds a Merit-Cum-Means policy to aid accomplished students. Furthermore, scholarships are individually considered for students with physical challenges. This holistic approach encompasses admission reservations and financial aid, underscoring the university's steadfast dedication to ensuring accessible education for all.

G.L.S. University Ahmedabad, Placements

GLS University's exceptional placements underscore its consistent track record of providing abundant and rewarding opportunities. Notably, a considerable number of adept management graduates, armed with robust entrepreneurial skills honed through the university's comprehensive programs, wholeheartedly opt to embark on independent professional journeys or seamlessly transition into their family enterprises. This strategic choice propels them toward achieving awe-inspiring success and acquiring enviable accomplishments, standing as living proof of the university's dedication to cultivating not just education, but also practical achievement and long-lasting impact.

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