Angard Payslip - Angard Staffing Payroll Solution

Angard Staffing Payroll Solution System allows employees to access their Angard payslips online.

Angard Payslip Login - Angard Staffing Payroll Solution

How can I access my Angard Payslip Online? It is easy for old employees, but if new to Angard staffing then you need some special instructions. When you have successfully completed your first shift, your details will be passed to our payroll provider who will issue you an email containing instructions on how to set up online access to view your payslips.

When you have set this up you will be able to access your Angard payslip online by clicking here. You will need your Angard Employee Number (Payroll number) to access your online payslip.

Each Royal Mail site has a dedicated Consultant responsible for the allocation of workers and day-to-day management. Your Consultant waits for a request from the site for workers. Your Consultant will work with you when it is available. Please note that you may be required to work at short notice.

We try to give at least 2 hours' notice at a minimum; however, this is subject to the site’s requirements. Please keep your JoinedUp calendar up to date so we know you are available to work.





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