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Marine Parts factoryMarine Parts factoryMarine Parts factory

Marine Parts factory Recently,our factory is busy processing some large ship parts,whose size are all over 1000mm.Customers send us CAD design drawing first and then we will quote in 24 hours.If the customer is satisfied with our quotation, they can pay via alibaba trade assurance / paypal / TT.Usually our lead time for the sample order is 1-2 weeks.Welcome to contact us for free quotation and please share your design drawing,product photos or videos,we can sign NDA if necessary. Background:Boat Deck Ship hull structure is covered by the deck floor. There can be multiple decks or deck sections on a ship. The deck at the top which bears maximum exposure to weather is referred to as the main deck or weather deck. On the basis of the position of a ship鈥檚 deck, decks are of six main types; main deck, poop deck, upper deck, lowers deck, weather deck and foredeck. The boat deck鈥檚 main function is holding the hull structure and providing floor to work, and standing and guard them against outside weather. FAQ锛?/strong Q:Which industry do you serve? A:The parts we customized and processed are usually in the semiconductor/photovoltaic industry, aerospace and avation, marine, wind energy, military, oil 锛?gas industry etc. Parts in these fields are usually not small, because our factory have large gantry cnc machining center, whose processing rance is 6500*4200*1800mm, so there is no problem to serve them. Our factory also have common smaller size cnc machining center and they can serve Automation equipment, medical, robot and other industry.Marine Parts factory website:


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