Modified Polycarbonate suppliers

Modified Polycarbonate suppliers Modified Polycarbonate suppliers

Modified Polycarbonate suppliers Flame retardant PC material is flame retardant. Antioxidant. Density: 1.18-1.22 g/cm鲁 Linear Expansion: 3.8脳10-5 cm/掳C Heat Deformation Temperature: 135掳C, Low Temperature -45掳C. Polycarbonate is colorless and transparent, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, flame-retardant BI grade, and has good mechanical properties at ordinary operating temperatures. PropertiesTest StandardTest ConditionUnitsTypical Values Physical Properties DensityISO 118323鈩?/pg/cm鲁1.19 Mold ShrinkageInternal method23鈩?/p%0.4-0.7 Melt FlowISO 1133300鈩? 1.2kgg/10min9 Mechanical Properties Tensile StrengthISO 527/250mm/minMPa60 Flexural StrengthIS0 1785mm/minMPa90 Flexural ModulusIS0 1785mm/minMPa2300 Izod Impact, NotchedISO 179-123鈩?/pKJ/m虏50 ISO 179-1-30鈩?/pKJ/m虏/ Thermal Properties HDTIS0 75/21.80MPa鈩?/p125 FlammabilityUL941.0mm/V0 Product detail 1.Flame retardant polycarbonate has good impact resistance, high refractive index, good processing performance, and has UL94 V-2 flame retardant performance without additives, also reach UL94 V-0 flame resistance after modified. 2.Flame retardant PC has high strength and elastic coefficient, high impact and wide temperature range. 3.Fire resistance PC with high transparency and excellent dyeability. 4.Low molding shrinkage and good dimensional stability. Application: optical lighting, lampshade, protective glass, eyepiece tube of optical instrument, aircraft transparent materials, Electronic appliances, insulating connectors, coil frames, tube bases, insulating sleeves, telephone cases and parts, battery cases of mining lamps, optical disc, electronic computer, video recorder, telephone, signal relay and other communication equipment, leather bags, audio tapes, color video tape etc. Our Factory: Xiamen SFR Plastics Co., Ltd was founded in 2010, which focusing on providing extrusion kit solutions of raw materials, molds, extrusion processes and structural design. WanGu Plastics Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2020, which specializes in RD and manufacturing of modified engineering plastics, such as PC, PC+ABS, ABS, PA, etc. HaiHuiYa (Xiamen) Lighting Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2022, which is an innovative enterprise integrating RD, production and sales of LED flexible strip lighting series. Advanced RD EquipmentModified Polycarbonate suppliers website:


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