Elden Ring DLC Has The Chance To Fix Its Biggest Armor Mistake

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Shadow from the Erdtree might make up for that lack of depth in Elden Ring's current armor alteration system with additional looks and stat changes

Shadow from the Erdtree might make up for that lack of depth in Elden Ring Items‘ current armor alteration system with additional looks and stat changes.

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Elden Ring’s upcoming DLC has got the opportunity to fix one of the game’s biggest shortcomings regarding its range of armor. Despite its many achievements, Elden Ring missed the objective a bit with armor customization. This part of gameplay is a massive part of the RPG experience and it is commonly contained in other titles within the genre. Without it, Elden Ring feels as though it’s missing something, however small. Thankfully, Shadow from the Erdtree could introduce some depth to this region.

One of the most fun facets of FromSoftware’s games is one thing the fans have endearingly named Fashion Souls; a chance to mix and match armor pieces from varying sets heightens the role-playing facets of these games. Elden Ring’s Fashion Souls improved over past entries having a massive listing of armor pieces to get and even a method to alter them. Unfortunately, Elden Ring only employs armor alteration in a minor way, leaving much to become desired.

Elden Ring’s Armor Alteration Is Pretty Weak

Elden Ring’s armor alteration feature is a nice addition, however, it feels somewhat lacking. After getting a sewing needle and tailoring tools, players can transform certain bits of armor, but almost all of these adjustments simply remove a cape from the chest piece or remove a hood. The minor stats change that result can be ideal for specific Elden Ring builds, however, it is a little of a disappointment for fans looking to dig into customization. The current armor alteration system is a good place to start, but Elden Ring's upcoming Shadow from the Erdtree DLC might be a perfect chance to add more depth to the system.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Can Improve Elden Ring’s Armor Customization

Shadow from the Erdtree has got the potential to become FromSoftware’s biggest DLC yet, which could mean an expanded armor customization system for Elden Ring. The most straightforward method to proceed with this particular is to add much more styles to a person's piece of armor. For example, rather than merely removing a cape, adding a range of capes or altering the armor’s color could be great additions. Admittedly, these suggestions are just basic cosmetic alterations and would only serve to increase the options to expand a chance to role-play. The more exciting possibility plays with a chance to change stats and proficiencies.

The capability to alter armor stats in Elden Ring has got the most possibility of expansion continuing to move forward into Shadow from the Erdtree. As it stands, most altered types of armor significantly lower the stat worth of a bit of armor, using the beneficial trade-off of weighing less. Adding more armor appearances comes with the chance to shape a specific armor piece to suit the player’s build better. It’s somewhat unrealistic to anticipate the DLC to alter existing armor because there are too many to take into account. However, employing this to new armor put in Shadow from the Erdtree and then any future elden ring items DLC would not be so much of the stretch.