Application of laser plastic marking machines to medical parts (the second part)

More and more laser technologies have been applied in the biological and medical engineering fields, and are used directly in the manufacture of medical devices and implants as well as the treatment and diagnostic procedures of the human body. Of course, high reliability and powerful laser

Laser plastic marking machine

The principle of laser plastic marking machine: laser beams penetrate the transmitted material from the upper indicator, reach the surface of the lower layer of the material, convert the light laser energy into thermal energy and melt the surface. The contact surface of the connected excellent transparent part melts to obtain a laser hot tender. This has been greatly verified thanks to various quality management methods during the marking machine. Narrow welding is cooled, but it matches the resistance of the material itself.

One of the conditions required for the success of the laser plastic's labeling is that these two components are plastic of laser light transmittance and laser absorption materials. This constitutes a variety of possibilities. The laser marking machine does not need to contact the marking product to complete the entire marking process. Existing marking equipment mainly works on the surface of the product using the machine tool surface. Therefore, there is a big limit. It is a phenomenon that causes damage or corrosion of the standard product surface. It is widely used. Suitable for a variety of metals and non -metal substances. It ensures precision without creating internal stress.

This technology is applied to several areas of medical engineering (for example, the shells of electronic components such as mechanical insulin equipment or heart stimulators. Catater or needle cylindrical parts are also reliable and reliable with lasers. Ink cartridge and diagnostic program Another advantage of the microstructure is that the welding has the same biocompatibility as the material itself. The various parts of the high pressure plastic valve can be a laser for laser display and are very stable. Based on the laser beam, the system can easily display all the geometric forms of the machine.


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