The Ancient Mysteries Used by Jesus to Perform Miracles

Has The Church Been Suffering A Power Outage Has The Church Been Suffering A Power Outage

The ninth century B.C. was a time of great uprising and fighting in the regions surrounding Egypt. The river Nile was at flood stage many times during this century. The weather patterns were extremely erratic. The Pharaoh in power for a good part of this century was claiming and fighting for control of most areas where the sphinxes were located. He had knowledge of secrets that were buried in one of the sphinxes; he knew not which one and wanted to possess all of them to be certain he had access to this knowledge.

Fortunately for humanity he met a quick death when he finally had gained ownership of the land holding the sphinx that held the secrets. If he had not met his death, he could certainly have gained control of the world with this knowledge. This knowledge is so well hidden that none today will find it. These secrets had been the way the pyramids had been built. They are the way the cities in the new age will be built.

Jesus also had the knowledge of the mysteries and this is how he performed his miracles. He used the mysteries for good always. The Pharaoh would have used them for evil had he gotten hold of them. These mysteries included:

1. Solar Energy
2. Healing
3. Levitation
4. Out of Body Travel
5. Dematerialization
6. Thought Transference
7. Suspended Animation
8. Vibrating Atoms
9. Honing

These all must necessarily employ great mind power, which must be developed through evolution. There are a few entities able to weakly do some of these mysteries, but it will be a long way down the road before they all can be restored.

1. Solar Energy is not being properly used as of now. The sun's rays need to be reflected before being absorbed in solar collectors. The reflections intensify the heat and at the same time eliminate unnecessary rays. This miniaturizes the apparatus needed on the home making it much less expensive to install. The way it is being done now is a laborious system the other would be streamlined.

2. Healing by thought or touch is all done with energy. If the illness is indeed caused by physical circumstances, then touch is used. If it can be determined that it is the emotional body affecting the physical, then thought is used. The healer must have an extremely powerful mental body to perform this. A knowledge of the energy lines in bodies combined with an innate understanding of psychology and the use of intuition is indicated.

3. Levitation also takes a strong mental ability. One focuses all three bodies (physical, mental and emotional) on the object to be moved and with the third eye, pictures it in its new position. This obviously can't be done until the third eye is restored and the bodies brought into alignment.

4. Out of Body Travel is the ability of the mind to travel to another location than where the physical form is. This is a natural state for humanity and is done effortlessly by many already. It usually comes into play in unenlightened ones in times of emergency or great emotional stress. It should not be used on a whim to interfere in anyone's personal life.

5. Dematerialization is done by organizing the atoms in one's body to vibrate with increased intensity. This is done with ease by very highly evolved entities, but is almost impossible or totally impossible for those in incarnation today, unless from a distant star. Even then it is very difficult due to the heavy atmosphere on earth. In the new age, the increase in the rate of the energy waves, plus the clean non-polluted atmosphere, will lend itself to making this easier.

6. Thought Transference - for thought transference, two must be vibrating at exactly the same level. They must necessarily want to send a message and be open to receive one.

7. Suspended Animation is very dangerous. It is energy powerful enough to stop vibrations of atoms. It is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and would only be used in dire emergencies.

8. Honing is done in the throat and sets up a force field around a course in miracles  to repel harmful vibrations. The energy field at times can be so forceful as to drive back another entity trying to approach the one using this.

9. Vibrating Atoms or devas are miniature tops, swirling units of energy. They may be compared to dust devils, only on an infinitesimal scale. Enough of them, commanded by mental power, thought transference, can be induced to move building materials where they need to be. Needless to say, the wrong use of these forces could have serious consequences. Compare them also with the force tornados have and feats that dust devils can perform.

The physical healings Jesus did, and those being done now, are all done with mental power, mind control. There is a way that this can be done instantly, but takes one in whom the psychic powers have been honed to their sharpest degree. This healing power potential is latent in all humanity. Very few ever develop it and certainly no one has ever developed it to the degree that Jesus did. This was part of the plan of His incarnation so He was well grounded and trained in this before entry. The mysteries locked inside the pyramids explain this training and give detailed instructions as to how to develop this potential. If these were to be found by anyone today, they would be used for mercenary purposes.

As far as stories of other "miracles" He performed, most were blown out of proportion in the retelling. He did on several occasions, make use of levitation and solar power but never used suspended animation, though He was capable of it.

The human race simply is not developed enough to be able to do miracles on a daily basis. It has nothing to do with their spiritual growth. It has everything to do with physical evolution. It would have to do with the combining of genes that takes place before the entity is born so there are limitations on what we can do to create our own reality. These limitations are imposed by our physical body. There are no limitations to creating our own reality when we leave the earth plane, as earth is the only plane we will progress through where we are caught in matter and have this limitation imposed on us.

We cannot walk on water because our flesh and bones do not have the buoyancy that is needed to walk on water. They do not have this buoyancy because they do not have the right DNA makeup. Jesus was one who had this makeup way before his time. He had a different DNA structure, a much more progressed DNA structure, than anyone has had before or since.

Humans will eventually evolve to where they can do miracles in the physical body. The mental body, the
animal-based brain, will have much to do with this progress and it is progressing quite rapidly. Do not misunderstand. The DNA must progress first. The actual atomic structure of the human form must progress first, to where the buoyancy of the form would be there. Then it will be a combination of the animal-based brain mind and the desire of the soul wanting to do miracles that will allow it to happen. This will be, perhaps, between 500 and 1,000 years into the future before this will take place.


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