Curly Bob Haircuts That Slay

Curly Bob Haircuts That Slay Curly Bob Haircuts That Slay

Growing up with natural curls, it's almost certain that you got a bad bob haircut at least once. Some well-meaning stylist who wasn't skilled with cutting curly hair may have butchered your ringlets.

Maybe the result was a short, triangular-shaped monstrosity that was worlds away from the pretty, sleek bob with tucked-under ends you saw your friends sporting.

It might've put you off the idea of a curly bob once and for all. But I think it's time to reconsider. This curly bob is all the rage right now. And as long as you're visiting a stylist who knows how to work with your curls, you're going to love the results.

Keeping your hair short when you have natural curls will help keep them bouncy and lightweight. Layering and tapering your curls lends a nice shape to your hair and can even help you avoid the need for daily heat-styling.

Marengo Rekka

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