3 Instagram Post Ideas to Spruce Up Your Feed

Want to level up your brand's social media feed? Try our top professional-recommended three post ideas and engage your audience and stand out!

In today's digital world, your brand's social media profile is essential. But because of new trends every day, managing and keeping up your brand's social media profile updated with exciting posts is tricky.  If you are on the same page with your business, we are here to help you.

Managing a brand’s social media profile can be challenging, especially when you know it's an ongoing work of posting at the perfect time, addressing the hashtags, and ensuring your post looks engaging. But if you need to incorporate something exciting into your feed, you must do it. Because every business is moving forward and following every new possibility that could work for them, why should you lag?  But that doesn't mean changing the dynamics of your brand’s social media profile. All you need to do is focus on what's working for you and look for new options to help you spruce up your brand's social media feed.

Because social media platforms’ algorithm has become unpredictable, you need to look for what your competitors are up to and what opportunities are working for them. Along with following this, you must also focus on aspects that will help your brand's social media profile. Exploring all the new opportunities, from using new hashtags to new graphical elements, new templates, and exciting content can help your posts go a long way and reach the for you page of your potential customers. 

Coming up with new and trending social media feeds will also help you engage better with your potential customers. It will also give your existing followers a fresh look at your brand, reflecting how serious you are about your brand's social media profiles. To make this happen, you must consider hiring professionals to help you deliver expert Instagram post design services. Hiring the experts will help you have many advantages, including developing your feed with trending posts, graphical elements, content, a brand-relevant message, typography, layout, and frame. So, getting in touch with her professional is a wise option to spruce up your brand’s social media feed.

Today's blog post will help you learn about detrending ideas every brand uses nowadays. Following the given social media post ideas will help you increase brand awareness, credibility, and engagement which will also help you connect with your potential customers shortly. Let's explore the post ideas to help you level up your social media feed. 

1. Utilize Puzzles

People have become busy nowadays, and because social media platforms have become a bit saturated for brands to stand out, it has become necessary to create individual posts. If you have already used posts like did you know, reminders, carousels, FAQs, product info, and similar types don’t you think your audience needs fresh content? If you somewhere know your brand’s feed needs it, it's time for you to include puzzles in your posts. 

Instead of posting regular content posting brand-relevant puzzles can help you spruce up your feed. You can pre-plan your brand’s social media profile feed and include one or two puzzles in a week’s postings. It is also an effective technique to engage your existing customers. Plus, if it falls into your brand’s potential customers for your page, they will get hooked and want to solve the interesting puzzle. Also, it is an engagement strategy if you plan your puzzle smartly and lead your customer to your profile through the results. Here’s an example - 

2. Add Product Teaser

Adding a product teaser is another way of refreshing your social media profile feed. As a business owner, introducing your customers to your newly launched products is something you must do. Also, you must have noticed a lot of brands following the AIDA aspect. AIDA is a marketing tool that stands for Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action. So, including a product teaser is an effective way to increase product awareness and interest. Suppose you collaborate with your Instagram post design service provider and develop a suitable product teaser post with the correct amount of information. In that case, your potential customers will be attracted to it and have a knack for gaining knowledge.

A product teaser is a great way to refresh your social media feed. Also, if you want to influence your customers through it, you can add it to your story and distribute the banner. 

3. Review Videos

The third and most significant way to refresh your social media profile is to introduce your potential customers to the existing ones. Like how you represent testimonials on your website, showcasing positive reviews through videos is a great way to engage your potential customers. 

Imagine your potential customer listening to your existing customer delivering positive reviews about your business and its products and service. Are you wondering if this will help? Of course, it will help; as soon as your potential customer goes through a positive review, they will first hop into your brand’s social media profile and look for more such reviews to confirm your products and services. Such positive reviews in the form of videos will encourage and influence your potential customers to follow your business profile and make a purchase.

Wrapping Up

These three essential elements can spruce up your brand’s social media profile. We hope these will help you make your social media page grow and thrive. Also, talking to a professional graphic designer will help you get ahead with these post ideas better through trending graphical elements, exemplary content, typography, layout, and other similar aspects needed to make your brand’s posts stand apart from your competitors.

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