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Exquisite Basra Pearl Collection - Authentic Natural Pearls | Kishore Motiwala

Discover the allure of Basra Pearls at Kishore Motiwala. Our exclusive collection showcases the timeless elegance and rare beauty of authentic natural pearls sourced from the historic Basra region. Each Basra Pearl is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and a legacy of timeless beauty. Explore our handpicked assortment of Basra Pearl jewelry, carefully curated to capture the essence of sophistication and luxury. Embrace the heritage and elegance of Basra Pearls, a symbol of prestige and refinement, available only at Kishore Motiwala.


Shop Natural Basra Pearl - Kishore Motiwala

Shop Natural Basra Pearl - Kishore Motiwala

Buy the amazing Basra Pearls online from kishoremotiwala.com. We have a large collection of different Basra Moti prices per carat.