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Digital Marketing of Pss Technoservices
Digital marketing is referred to as a type of marketing medium adopted for services or products that makes use of electronic devices. There are generally nine ways in which digital marketing can be performed in a business. Let us know about each of them in detail.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Search Engine Optimization is a process that aims at expanding online visibility in organic results on search engines. The higher your business ranks on search engine results page (SERP), the more amount of traffic gets directed to a website. Also, the chances of converting a passive visitor into an active customer also increases. By optimizing your blog or a website with the help of SEO techniques, you can easily get it ranked on the top results on SERP.
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing is another online marketing technique, using which, a business can buy specified advertisement space. This dedicated space is allocated to a business on the SERP of user. Commonest forms of paid search platforms are Bing Ads, Google AdWords etc.
One of the examples of SEM is PPC or pay per click advertising, wherein the search engine requires a marketer to pay a specified amount to get their ads displayed in various places on SERP produced from specific phrases or keywords. Whenever their ad is clicked, a marketer has to pay to search engines.
Social Media Marketing
Social media plays a significant role in the promotion of products and services of a company. It is one of the marketing ways that gives you enhanced exposure and provides you an opportunity to connect to a wide range of audience in an intimate way. By interacting with customers on social media, your business gains important insights and feedback that helps you to enhance your customer service, service and products.
By posting quality and relevant content, Social media marketing, enables a business to reach to a large customer base on social media channels. This helps in increasing not just the traffic but online visibility of a business too.
Content Marketing
When it comes to enhancing brand visibility and reputation, the importance of content can’t be ignored. Creating precise, and quality content aids in making your business stand out from its competitors and boosting the SEO.
Content marketing is defined as delivering quality content to the users to generate leads and sales. This content stays anywhere on the web such as tweets, a blog or a YouTube video, etc. that comprise of content marketing. Content Marketing works in association with other forms of online marketing methods such as SMM and SEO.