If you sell a Steam trading card, can you earn the card back by playing?

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According to the mechanism of Steam trading cards. A set of cards will not be obtained by the same user completely through the game.

So if you trade all the cards you can get. According to your question, can you get the cards you didn't get before? The answer is obviously no.

So after you trade, the cards dropped in the game are still the original batch of cards that you can get randomly in the game.

The other is that after the card is traded, the random drop mechanism is still there, basically a fixed probability. It will not change with the number of cards you already have.

Finally, according to the Steam trading card mechanism of the Steam platform. The platform controls that players can only get some of the cards instead of the entire set of cards so that players can participate in the exchange of trading cards in the community. Players need to exchange with their friends or buy some cards from the market that they can't get.

Players want to synthesize badges to achieve Steam Level up and need a complete set of cards. The number of cards that the player trades or exchanges will definitely not be 1. In other words, the player can get multiple numbers of the cards. Secondly, the general badges support upgrades. You can get 100XP every time you upgrade, and you need a complete set of cards. Therefore, in order to allow players to participate, the system will not let your drop chance become zero.

On the contrary, for those players who buy the Steam Lvl Fast service. They will raise the Steam level, which will increase the player's chances of getting Steam Level Booster, rare cards, and more common trading cards.

According to the analysis, even if you trade the card you have already obtained, you can still get a random drop of the card through the game.


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