Before you start SWTOR, you need to know a few things

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The old republic seems to be a threat to newcomers. However, reading the game beforehand should do wonders for you. Since there are not too many "Star Wars" role-playing games, the most powerful contender in this genre is "Star Wars: The Old Republic" (SWTOR), which is an MMORPG. This is not a bad thing. In fact, despite the high status of MMORPG, SWTOR still casts a shadow over the output value of many other RPGs.

Although it is the media of "Star Wars", in this MMORPG, the "power user" is not a panacea, nor is it the ultimate. Even the Jedi and Sith need to let go and rely on other game classes that are not sensitive to troops to survive and succeed in group matches. SWTOR uses the ancient RPG trinity of tanks, healers/supporters and DPS. This is true for Operations even in SWTOR's PvP. Knowing the ability of the class is the key to adapting to the role of the group. Some content is too difficult to play solo.SWTOR Credits will make things easier.

In the RPG trio, in SWTOR, the tank is usually the leader of the group because it tends to react to party actions. In other games, DPS can do the job, but SWTOR tanks usually take on most of the heavy tasks, so they are the ideal default team leader. This does not mean that other classes cannot be leaders either. Experienced therapists and DPS players can also step up treatment. Some DPS players are disposable and easy to replace, especially at the flash point, because there are too many and the therapist is too fragile for the frontline. Therefore, the leadership roles of both classes need to be more cautious.

As mentioned earlier, for PvP, free players have too many restrictions. If players want to participate in ranked PvP, they can buy swtor credits at, they are only allowed to play five games a week. In addition, playing regular PvP without a subscription will prevent players from acquiring new equipment when they reach the highest level. They will have to use previously purchased equipment. All in all, players who are interested or serious about PvP need to subscribe.


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