How Do I Enable My Disabled Facebook Account Permanently?

If you think Facebook Disabled My Account no reason check this short guide to enable disabled facebook account Permanently.

Facebook has become a part of our lives and it is frustrating when we are unable to access the account. 

If your FB account has been disabled permanently, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is what you need to do to resolve the FB Account disabled issue. 

How to identify

To identify a disabled account, try to login into your FB account with the correct login credentials. You will see a message ‘Your Account has been disabled’ and a button to download the account information. 

My Personal Account Was Disabled

Here is what you can try to recover your account in no time. Here you can look at the Facebook account disabled solved methods. 

Submit a Request – First, you can submit a request to Facebook via an appeal. For that, you have to open a specific Facebook help page. Go to the ‘My Facebook account was disabled’ page by searching for it on Google and opening it. 

Now, you have to enter your login email address, mobile number, name, and some additional information. They would also ask for a scanned copy of the government ID to prove the ownership of the account. And then click on the Submit button to send the request to the Facebook team. 

Wait for Some Time – You could also try to wait for 96 hours to complete the ban period and then try to access the account. And if you try to login into your account within 96 hours, the clock will reset and you will have to wait for another 96 hours.

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