Ethnocentrism in Your United States

In this article, the author tried to describe the notion of Ethnocentrism

Scholars have argued about the positive and negative sides of ethnocentrism. Some claim that the tendency of ethnocentrism is absolutely positive since the person will not be ashamed of his/ her family roots and can display his/ her own heritage. Moreover, the belief of the superiority of own culture helps to introduce it between others cultures on global level. It means that even beliefs of a minority will be highly respected. Others argue that ethnocentrism is bad because extreme beliefs in personal national sentiment and customs can significantly deteriorate the communication with other cultures. For instance, if a person judges another culture solely by values of his/ her own culture, it may cause numerous conflicts, such as ethical/ race/ national discrimination.

Historically, it is known that the concept of ethnocentrism was founded by William Graham Sumner, a Liberal American scholar. He explored this term while observing the values of in-group and others. By in-group, he meant a certain group of individuals, who lived together, who highly overestimated the truthfulness of their own culture and beliefs. Furthermore, this group thought that such a group was everything to them. It can be explained by the fact that these individuals lived in the same surrounding; they created their own customs and traditions; and shared the same norms of behavior and activities. The concept of ethnocentrism helps to understand why division is possible between people who belonged to completely different societies, religious groups, and races. In case of ethnocentrism, the group members believe that only their group is truthful, unique, and superior compared to others. Taking into account personal beliefs, I am proud of my own culture;

however, I do not underestimate and disrespect others cultures. Despite my eager love to my own culture and our traditions, I am not ethnocentric since I do not speculate that my culture is better compared to others. However, I have observed that people who belong to other cultures think that they are better than I am and disrespect my culture. They reflect that the person from different country does not have anything good to show or to share. For example, I bought an new car and my neighbors were so jealous that they decided to purchase two trendy vehicles. In this case, my neighbors wanted to display domination over me. Another illustration is when I decided to buy a recliner a year later. Finally, I bought it and my neighbors saw that the furniture truck was outside. Thus, they went to the store and bought a bigger recliner. Mine was much smaller since I had a tiny apartment, so it was impossible to fit bigger one into it.

What is more, they put the recliner near the window that I could see the size of their recliner. Undoubtedly, their behavior demonstrates the negative side of ethnocentrism, such as disrespect of other cultures/ ethic/ race/nation. As it was mentioned before, my neighbors have extreme beliefs in their national sentiment.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that ethnocentrism is an ongoing issue in the 21st century. Undeniably, the tendency of ethnocentrism should not be practiced on the extreme sides but it should be balanced, taking into account the beauty and uniqueness of different religions.

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