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Want to get expert help with growing your podcast? Benefit from twenty years of solid podcasting experience and knowledge with Podknows!

The best podcast coaching? Podknows offer dedicated podcast services for those wanting to learn how to produce a professional-sounding podcast that gets results!

Want to create an effective and professional podcast marketing campaign that you can shape and adapt as your needs change and your confidence grows?

Using my three decades of experience planning and delivering audio content, you’ll learn how to quickly become known as a thought-leader within your space.

There are a lot of popular misconceptions about podcast marketing.

Most could be generating way better results.

Make sure you stand out from your competitors and learn how to work with your dream customers, who can’t wait to buy from you!

Podknows Podcasting podcast coaching is customised to each customer’s individual needs.

Helping brands and individuals talk to their customers and advocates. Podknows uses superior premium standard podcast services to help businesses and entrepreneurs share compelling and relatable podcasting content.


After all, any old content marketing agency can offer you podcasting services!

Yes, and if your end goal is to ‘put out content’ and ‘hope for the best’, then that’s great.

Have at them!

But if you want real, measurable results from your podcast, you’re going to need someone who can offer a bit more.

Podknows Podcasting offers a range of high-end podcasting services for any ambitious forward thinking brands and organisation who want real results from their podcast.

It may seem like a bold claim.

After all, nobody can easily guarantee you an audience.

Many of the agencies and professionals offering podcasting services will stop short of promising to build you an audience.

But Podknows is all about accountability and results.

We don’t just help you create podcast content you can be proud of.

We help you find your ideal listeners.

In time, we’ll help you turn them into ideal customers.

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