Details Of The Use Of Vegetable Drying Equipment

Basic working principle of Freeze Dry Machine

Basic working principle of Freeze Dry Machine:

The freeze-drying of raw materials is carried out by means of quick freezing and environment, so as to achieve the freeze-drying effect. After the raw material is frozen below the freezing point, the pump develops the environment and continuously reduces the surface vapor pressure of the raw material and the surface heat of the raw material. When the temperature of the raw material reaches below the eutectic point, the raw material completely becomes solid, and the two phenomena of gas coexist Without the presence of liquid ingredients. The gas-phase solution is caught by the cold trap when passing through the cold trap. The programmable control board continuously supplies the energy consumption required for the coagulation by means of the heated shelf during the coagulation stage.

How to use freeze dryer:

The use of freeze dryer is relatively complied with. In the case of preparing to enable the power switch, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the barometer shows that it remains at 110PK. If you need to show a more accurate and true temperature, you may wish to press its switch for three seconds or more. This allows it to show more accurate and true temperature. After the machine is running, it needs to be pre-cooled for 30 minutes or more before it can be used. After reaching the time, the raw materials should be placed in the designated position, and the plexiglass cover on the machine should be closed, and the pump should be operated at the same time. When the barometer display parameter value is gradually stable, you can record its temperature and the corresponding barometer parameter value.

The focus of the application of freeze dryer:

In the case of using these machines, it is necessary to focus on increasing the volume of raw materials as much as possible. And because the raw materials cannot contain organic solvents, otherwise it will adversely affect normal use. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the need to achieve the role of freezing into ice. In this, we need to remind everyone that the raw materials in the freeze dryer will gradually reduce the temperature during the use phase. If it is necessary, it can be taken out and warmed up before continuing. In this way, the required drying time can be greatly shortened.

In summary, do everyone already understand? The details about the use and application of Vegetable Drying Equipment are explained in a simple way. Relative to the use of these machines, it is necessary to strictly follow the requirements for development and use. Any omissions in details are adversely affecting the normal operation and the results presented. So in addition to paying attention to the choice of machine brand, the most important thing is to ensure accurate use and use. And the attention details mentioned above also need special attention.


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