How to recover permanently deleted Yahoo emails?

Recover your permanently deleted yahoo emails easily with some simple tricks

Yahoo is a well-known email service provider and it holds a huge userbase. If you are one of its users and have deleted any email accidentally or want to recover the deleted email, this article is for you. 


How to recover deleted yahoo emails?


There can be several reasons a user deletes the email, one reason may be that your inbox is getting overflowed, and to save space you accidentally deleted the important email and another reason may be that while deleting the spam email you accidentally deleted the mail. So to recover deleted yahoo emails you may try restoring the emails from the trash folder to the inbox and the steps to carry out the same have been depicted below.


Step 1: Open up the Yahoo mail

Step 2: Log in to the website by entering the correct credentials like username and password

Step 3: Once entered the details, click on the “Sign In” button

Step 4: Now, a dashboard will open up, go to the left pane and locate Trash

Step 5: Once located, click on the trash

Step 6: Now, you will be having all the deleted emails in front of you. Search for the required mail and once found, right-click on it and choose to restore.


By following the above steps, you will easily get the required email recovered and stored in the inbox. 


But what if you could not find the required email and chances are it might have been deleted permanently. So, the question arises, how to recover that specific email that has not been found in the trash folder.


Do not worry as the answer to it lies in the upcoming passage.


Request Lost Emails from Yahoo Mail Backup


If you want to recover emails from yahoo that has been lost and are not available in the trash folder, follow the below-mentioned steps


Step 1: Login to “yahoo mail”

Step 2: Go to “Yahoo Mailrestore Help Form”

Step 3: Select “Send a restore request”

Step 4: Once you reached here, Enter all the required details one by one

Step 5: Finally click on “Create Request”

This way you will have requested to Yahoo mail for restoring the lost mail and once the procedure is done, wait for a few days to get the revert from the side of Yahoo, and later you will get yahoo email restored easily.

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