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Compare the Eicher 380 and Massey Ferguson 1035 tractors on KhetiGaadi. Both renowned brands offer powerful performance. Eicher excels with modern features for versatile farming, while Massey Ferguson impresses with tremendous strength and advanced solutions, ensuring enhanced productivity

Eicher Tractor and Massey Ferguson are renowned brands in the agricultural world. Eicher Tractor offers reliable and efficient tractors for various farming needs, while Massey Ferguson is known for its powerful and versatile machines. Both brands provide farmers with top-quality equipment to enhance productivity and maximize success in the field. The Eicher 380 and the Massey Ferguson 1035 di Maha Shakti. Both tractors are renowned for their performance and versatility in the agricultural sector. We will delve into their specifications, features, and capabilities to help you make an informed decision based on your specific farming requirements. Whether you seek power, efficiency, or reliability, this analysis will assist you in choosing the tractor that best suits your needs, ensuring enhanced productivity and success on your farm. Let's dive into this head-to-head comparison to find your ideal agricultural Companion! 


Massey Ferguson 1035 DI is a powerful tractor with tremendous strength and advanced features, elevating farming and commercial tasks. It offers modern solutions for efficient and effective farming, taking productivity to new heights. 

The features of the Massey Ferguson 1035  

  • The Massey Ferguson 1035 tractor is equipped with Dry Disc brakes, ensuring effective braking and preventing slippage.  
  • It features a Single clutch and Sliding mesh transmission system. With a Fuel Tank capacity of 47 Liters, it offers ample fuel for prolonged operations.  
  • This 2 Wheel Drive model is easily controllable and comes with a 2-year or 2000-hour warranty from Massey. 
  • Designed for various agricultural activities, it includes convenient 
  • extras like a mobile charger, an adjustable seat, a toolbox, raised platform, and a bottle holder. 
  • Its 6 X 16 sized front tyres and 12.4 X 28 sized rear tyres provide exceptional grip on the field, making it ideal for a wide range of agricultural and commercial operations. 

In India, the price of a Massey Ferguson 1035 DI tractor ranges from Rs. 5.77 Lakh to Rs. 6.04 Lakh 

Eicher 380 

The Eicher 380 tractor from the TAFE Group is a remarkable machine equipped with modern features, making it highly versatile for a wide range of farming tasks. From land leveling, plowing, seeding, and planting to cultivation, harvesting, hauling, and more, this tractor is designed to excel in various agricultural operations. A 2-wheel drive tractor is the Eicher 380. 

Eicher 380 Features  

The tractor features of Eicher 380 include 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, a constant and sliding mesh transmission feature, a lifting hydraulic capacity of 1200 KG, and a 6 X 16 front tire for reliable performance on the field. The Eicher 380 price between Rs. 6.10 and 6.40 lakh. 

Comparism Of Eicher 380 Vs Massey Ferguson 1035 

The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI and Eicher 380 are powerful and versatile tractors designed to excel in various farming tasks. The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI offers modern solutions for efficient farming, boasting features like Dry Disc brakes, a Sliding mesh transmission system, and a 47-liter fuel tank. On the other hand, the Eicher 380 from the TAFE Group comes with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, a lifting hydraulic capacity of 1200 KG, and a 6 X 16 front tire for reliable traction. Both tractors provide top-quality performance to enhance productivity and success on the farm. 

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