2 Things You Must Know About TRENDS WITH TWITTER

Twitter is now the most popular site to find out what's happening, which is an important factor for any company.

Twitter is now the most popular site to find out what's happening, which is an important factor for any company. If you'd like to keep ahead of the market, you should be aware of what people are thinking and discussing about. Learn more about current topics on popular topics. There are seven Twitter tools to assist users who want to track topics that they are interested in.

ReTweetist lists recent Retweets. This tool works by assuming the fact that trending topics can be spotted by looking at the number of retweets each tweet is receiving. This can give an accurate indicator of how popular Twitter users and their tweets actually are. The application also shows what terms are most popular social media websites.

Retweet Radar analyzes the flood of information that flows from Twitter and offers lists of the most talked about users, sites and topics that are trending. The site also contains archives of trends from the past which allows you to look back to see what's been trending in recent times and the ones that were just a one-off. Follow @retweetradar on Twitter to receive daily updates on the most popular trends.

Twitterfall allows custom searches and also provides current popular keywords to browse. Tweets flow from towards the front of the screen before being buried under the weight of the latest messages. This queue is regenerated, paused, or removed. The application allows highly customized search results for Twitter with location-based searches and exclusions. This helps you remain ahead of the trend.

WhatTheTrend lets you limit your search to international results. The definitions for trends have been given by the contributors, so you know exactly what's popular and why. The results are listed with hashtags. Premium version lets you to set parameters for time for comparing trends across the course of time, while also providing reports and in-depth analyses of the most popular topics.

Topsy lets you know the most popular topics. It's a live search engine that allows you to filter mentions through Twitter images, experts, and photos and search the internet. Topsy is a fantastic research tool that is available in many languages. This application can give access to the plethora of data available on the internet in a new and exciting way.

Trendsmap is an image of what's trending on an area globe of United States. You can narrow down your current location through a region or city or even by the actual location , if you've enabled this feature. Select any hashtag to see an update of tweets related to the subject. The list includes new trends or you can browse the trends by nation or by city. Trendsmap lets you see trends within your targeted market.

TrendingPeeps tracks the most popular people on your timeline, using the number of times you've mentioned the people you follow to determine the popularity. It also has an Facebook plug-in that lets you to identify the most popular users. It's a great application, and it can help you determine people you'd like to keep an eye on.

With the proliferation of social media websites today it is essential to be aware of the latest trends and not just the latest news. Here are some of our top Twitter tools to utilize Which tools do you employ to stay abreast of Twitter trends? Let us know your favorite tools below in the "Comments" section below.





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