How to Survive After Leaving an Abusive Relationship: A Complete Guide on Financial Help

Every person around the world has a basic right to live safe. They also have a basic right to freedom, and to live in peace.


Every person around the world has a basic right to live safe. They also have a basic right to freedom, and to live in peace. But some people violate basic human rights. They abuse their partners. Abusive relationships impact the health and mind of the partner. Abusive relationships are very toxic. Sometimes it isn't easy to quantify them. The reason is that people practice them secretly. There is no information for most of these cases. 5 out of 100 people in the UK experience some kind of abuse in their relationships. Divorced, and separated people experience it more than married persons. This article presents how one can survive after an abusive relationship. It also provides a guide on financial help for the victim.

  • What Is An Abusive Relationship?

It is a relationship in which one of the partners threatens you. The threat is to harm you. But that threat is not limited to you. The threat to harm includes your closed ones as well. It can be demeaning for the Victim. This might be possible due to jealousy. Besides this, it may be the controlling of a partner's behaviour. One partner might be scared from the other partner. The abuser may deprive finances of the other partner as well. An abusive relationship can involve any of the following;

  • Physical Abuses.
  • Mental Torture.
  • Sexual Abuse.
  • Emotional Abuse.
  • Economic Abuse (Control over the finances).
  • How Can A Victim Survive An Abusive Relationship?

It is a long process to recover from an abusive relationship. This is because the victim and children experience huge damage over a long period of time. Nothing in the world can rectify their damage. But when the victim is away from that toxic person, chances of a normal life are more evidently present. The victim can sense safe feelings. The grief and loss will likely be present. It is because the person you have spent time with has treated you like so badly. Your confidence is low now. You are more open to all kinds of fears. Your self-esteem decreases as well. But the victim has to survive too. Life is a long journey. The victim has to treat him/herself gently. They should hope for the best.

The CEO of assignment writing services company said that the victim needs to set realistic goals. He/she should not focus too much about what others are thinking for themselves. The empty house might be killing you inside. You think it is better to be with a toxic person instead of staying all alone. It is a difficult time to pass. But the victim should not dominate these negative thoughts. The victim can continue the studies. The victim can also start a job for the sake of financial needs. Besides this, making new connections, or reuniting with the old ones is also essential. The victim can go for this as well because it will give a peace of mind through social interaction.

  • Suggestions For The Victim’s Survival

The Victim has to cope with the effects of the abusive relationship. He/she can adopt the following tips as a coping mechanism;

  • Relaxation Exercises:

The victim must practice relaxation exercises. These exercises may be based on either massage, or breathing. They may be that of tai-chi, or self-hypnosis. The victim can also practice regular exercises. These include the acts of yoga, and meditation.

  • Learn A New Skill:

The victim can also learn new skills to engage his/herself. They can learn how to dance and swim. They can also practice self-defence as a new skill to be used for protecting themselves.

  • Start A Job:

A good suggestion after exiting an abusive relationship is that of starting a job. The job will engage the victim effectively. Besides, it will keep the victim busy too. The victim will be able to heal in a short time when he/she will spend more time at a job.

  • Sleep And Eat Well:

The victim should sleep, and eat well to heal in a short time.

  • Practice Creativity:

The victims should practice whatever they are good at. Besides this, they can also adopt creative activities. These can include but are not limited to writing, painting, designing, and drawing.

  • Financial Aid guide for the Victim of Abusive relationship

A person needs finance to survive. Finance is a weapon for the survivor. Finance provides financial security, and stability. Following is a financial aid guide for the victim of an abusive relationship;

  • Money Advice Plus (MAP)

This charity institute provides financial aid to the victim. It provides financial stability. The purpose is not to make them worry about money issues. This is because they are already suffering from mental, and physical torture.

  • Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA)

This charity institute raises knowledge on economic abuse. Economic abuse relates to when a toxic partner uses economic resources of the victim. The institute provides them with knowledge and training. This is to rescue them from economic abuse.

  • Financial Support Line

This institute, together with MAP and SEA, provides financial aid to the victim. These people are victims of abusive relationships. The research department of cheap dissertation writing service firm said that the institute provides financial benefits and debts to these victims. The aim is to provide them with financial security. They empower people who are suffering from abusive relationships. They also provide guidelines on how victims can regain control. This is in context of their lost finances. They consider health and wellbeing of the victim too. They guide them on the following matters;

  • Highlighting of the welfare benefit options.
  • Help in dealing with debt issues from the formulation of effective strategies.
  • Providing support in developing the budgets.
  • Providing guidance on how to arrange money for the utility bills.
  • Assisting in the opening of a secret bank account.
  • Resolving any queries with the bank policies.
  • Providing financial grants in severe need for during financial difficulties.


Abusive relationships are common across the world. The victim has to survive an abusive relationship, and survival is a long process. For a long time, the victim suffers from the abuse. This article provides a guide for getting financial aid. It is relevant for the case of abusive relationships. The aim is to provide the same life benefits as others are enjoying across the globe. Various institutes in the UK provide financial aid to these victims. They empower them by providing finance and debt based support. They also provide knowledge on how to gain control over their lost finances.

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