Ways To Calm Your Panic Attacks

The licensed mental health professionals believe that having an ESA letter animal can assist you to lessen the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and phobia.



What Is A Panic Attack?

Do you have an emotional support dog certification? A panic attack is one of the psychiatric ailments that cause other mental disorders with it such as depression and anxiety. It is one of the scariest things for people who experience them. This article intends to provide you some tips that are obliging to stop your panic attack.

Panic attacks are really terrifying and irregular and have visible, sometimes severe physical symptoms like shivering, vomiting, sweating, wild heartbeat, or shortness of breath. 

In some severe cases, people even encounter sharp chest pain that drives them to believe that they’re holding a heart attack. This condition is really frightening and one should see a doctor if he/she often endures this.

The licensed mental health professionals believe that having an ESA letter animal can assist you to lessen the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and phobia.

Even it has been demonstrated scientifically that animals can aid you to calm your heart rate and blood pressure. The affection and love received by animals can help you to cope with the pain and control your weird mood swings.

You can keep any animal as your emotional support animal but the condition is that animals should be a source of comfort and satisfaction for you.

Beneath are some helpful tips that you can apply when you feel sad, uncomfortable, or depressed. By using these remedies, you can avoid panic attacks before they actually happen.


Keep Your ESA On Your Lap

When you observe that you are incapable of control over-thinking and going into a panic, call your ESA letter for housing pet

Keep it in your lap and close to your body. Sit comfortably and talk to your ESA whatever scares you. Run your fingers in your furries wool and take deep breaths. This will help you to reduce your heartbeat, blood pressure, and anxiety.


Take Your ESA For A Walk

Take your emotional support for a walk where there is greenery or a pond, a sea, or whatever that represents the power of nature.

Spending time with your ESA in the open air can assist you to calm your stress, overthinking, and blues.


Allow Your ESA To Assist You In The Kitchen

Psychology says that cooking or baking can assist you to reduce your anxiety and distress. Allow your support animal letter cat or dog to serve you in the kitchen.

This will also support them to get qualified and can learn tricks to serve you. In addition to this fact, you can enjoy their cute actions and aptitude to put all their energy to get the job done and this activity will help you both to make stronger bonds.


The 5 Sense Strategy/ Tactics

The five sense strategy is a great activity that you can do while having a relentless panic attack. All you have to do is memorize, look around, and concentrate on:

  • 5 Things you can see around
  • 4 Things you are able to touch
  • 3 Things you can hear
  • 2 Things that you can smell
  • 1 The thing you can taste.

By doing this exercise, you can get distracted and can make your mind and body calm. 

How To Bring An ESA Home?

In order to bring your emotional support animal home, you have to present an emotional support letter to your landlord. Otherwise, your landlord may refuse your pet.

For this purpose, you can visit your mental health therapist and ask him to prescribe an emotional support animal letter for your furry.

Your own willpower is crucial for your mental health. A number of people are suffering emotional or mental ailments, you’re not the only one. So, try to motivate yourself towards positive goals.


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