Explainer: Helpful Tips For Trailer Concrete Pumps

Also known as a static, line or stationary concrete pump, a trailer mounted pump is a type of pump which is typically associated with an individual or multi-axle trailer.

Also known as a static, line or stationary concrete pump, a trailer mounted pump is a type of pump which is typically associated with an individual or multi-axle trailer. This particular concrete pump is normally then attached to a car or truck that can support the weight in the pump and moved to the spot where there is a construction project.

How Can This Kind Of Pump Work?

These sorts of concrete pumps usually have a concrete pumping capacity(una capacidad de bombeo de concreto) that usually ranges between 30 cubic meters to 135 cubic meters each hour. When selecting a trailer mounted pump, you ought to be guided from the needs at your construction site.

Once moved to a construction site by way of a vehicle, concrete is generally pumped through flexible pipes under high pressure and forwarded to where it really is needed.

Even though concrete pump has only one end, several pipes can be attached using the requisite coupling. This essentially signifies that different areas in the construction site might be served by one pump without the need for moving the ensemble throughout the workplace. When several pipes are being used, they can be usually controlled by construction workers at the output area however the input may be controlled from a gate valve to ensure simply the pipes are in use use a discharge.

Within a construction site, you should always make sure that you set the trailer concrete pump in an readily accessible area so that mixers nearby can feed it without difficulty. If you want to get yourself a steady and velocity flow of concrete when utilizing a line pump, you ought to ensure that the pump always has a steady feed of concrete look at this: https://aimixgrupo.com/bomba-de-concreto-estacionaria/.

Advantages Of Using a Trailer Concrete Pump

This particular pump is highly flexible in that you can attach any number of pipes and serve any area inside your construction. Because of this there is no need to help keep moving the towing vehicle and concrete mixing plants any time you alter your construction area.

Since this type of concrete pump can have many pipes attached(muchas tuberías adjuntas) at the same time, this means that exist work done doubly fast. Using a static pump, you simply will not possess downtime with the workers. All of your labor force can be at the office all at once.

An additional benefit of the pumps is the velocity of concrete flowing with the pipes may be adjusted when necessary. Additionally, also you can shut or activate flow to pipes according to your expections. If you work with this type of pump, also you can lengthen or shorten the attached lines depending on the area you where construction will be performed. To put it simply, it offers contractors more convenience.

Having a static pump, you can easily pump concrete vertically up to 400 meters and as well, you may pump horizontally for as much as 2,000 meters without hassle. This is certainly unlike other pumps where you will have to use pulleys or other kinds of conveyer belts to obtain concrete where it is needed.

Apart from the proven fact that concrete can be taken where it is needed in a jiffy, this type of pump could also be used in construction projects where conventional concrete mixing plants from AIMIX Group should not be used like during the construction of tunnels or some other underground spaces.


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