Things to Consider Before Selecting Your Laboratory Furniture

One of the most crucial aspects to consider while setting up a laboratory is the furniture.

One of the most crucial aspects to consider while setting up a laboratory is the furniture. Selecting the proper lab furniture for your workspace plays a huge role in converting your lab space into as productive, pleasant, and secure as possible. Laboratory furniture is carefully designed to be as accommodating as possible for the desired working environment. Some of the highly used lab furniture includes laboratory benches, trolleys, laboratory workbenches and other ordinary lab equipment.

Now, What Factors should you Consider before Purchasing Lab Furniture?

1. The Type of Laboratory- Laboratories are of different types, each with its own set of functions. They also come with a variety of concerns that necessitate safety precautions and a specialized set-up. When selecting furniture for your laboratory, it's critical to keep these considerations in mind. Determine the laboratory type first, and then you can select the required furniture for your lab. The most common types of laboratories that we see are chemical labs, RD laboratories, analytic and quality labs, clinical and medical labs, manufacturing labs, and others.

2. Come up With Proper Strategic Planning- It is important to determine your work zones before picking up furniture for your laboratory. This will assist you in laying up your laboratory in such a manner that the laboratory furniture complements workflow rather than obstructing mobility or posing a hazard. Drawing up a design before purchasing laboratory furniture can give you a clear concept of how your lab will look and will also assist you in selecting the best laboratory furniture.

3. Are you working in Wet Lab or Dry Lab- Before you purchase laboratory furniture, manufacturers must first determine the laboratory's intended use: will it be a "wet" lab or a "dry" lab? Wet labs are labs where drugs, chemicals and other materials are addressed predominantly in liquid solutions.

A Dry Lab is a place where minimal amounts of dry chemicals are used. Large quantities of electronic equipment are typically found in these labs, which are used to create mathematical models or computer-generated tests.

4. Fume Hood Requirements- Many laboratories mandate the usage of a smoke hood for the protection of their employees. The fume hood will have an impact on airflow and energy efficiency. A fume hood placed in the center of a laboratory will have a different impact than one placed in the corner. Many times, the location is decided on the basis of safety and ducting requirements.

5. Don't Compromise with Quality- When it comes to equipping your lab, the quality of your laboratory furniture and casework is the most important factor to look out for. Whatever furniture you want to use must be suitable for the task at hand, as well as durable and long-lasting. Because your lab furniture will likely be in use for a decade or longer, it's important to carefully inspect the quality of the furniture before making your order.

6. Select Simple and Efficient Designs- Good laboratory design has the potential to facilitate excellent research. It's critical to completely comprehend how your furniture design and arrangement may enhance productivity and efficiency before purchasing new furniture for your laboratory area. A more healthy and productive lab will emerge from investing in design and furnishings that incorporate both practicality and ergonomic considerations.

7. Budget Allocation- Along with improving the lab's design, the budget must also be considered. Whether you're changing a few pieces of furniture or want to completely add new furniture, the cost is a major consideration you should look at. Before making a purchase, consider the return on investment, furniture life expectancy, and its quality. Make sure you check all of these factors beforehand and invest your money in a quality product.


Do follow the above steps if you are planning to purchase quality lab furniture and get yourself the best equipment. You can also contact your nearest furniture dealer and let them know what you desire.

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