Home automation & security: how to protect your home?

The advent of smartphones and home automation has revolutionized home protection. We explain how home automation can help you protect and secure your home, monitor it remotely, and be alerted (and alert the emergency services) in the event of an intrusion.

Burglary, intrusion, theft… Do these terms ring in your mind when you leave your home sweet home? To avoid unpleasant surprises, put your home under high protection thanks to home automation! Remote monitoring via your smartphone, programming of doors and lights, etc. Home automation security: a whole program. We have something to reassure you, I promise!

Identify the weak points of the house to be secured

The openings (windows, bay windows, skylights) are scrutinized by burglars. Almost 38% choose this access to enter your home. Most homes are visited during the day, simply through a broken window.

The locks and bolts of the doors (entrance, garden, garage) are the other access points favored by burglars. 41% of them use the front door to invite themselves into your home! Secondary entrances like the one in the basement or the cellar often left aside for protection, are ideal places to act quietly, without being disturbed.

All entrants, without exception, are therefore the weak points of your home in terms of security.

So if you are not Lulu's happy neighbor, always ready to help and watch the neighborhood from his window, another option is available to you: switch to home automation for your safety!

Its mission: to protect your home and allow you to monitor it remotely.

How? 'Or' What? Thanks to new smart technologies allowing remote control of your home: surveillance cameras, connected intercoms, and alarms, motion detectors, presence simulators, connected locks, etc.

The appearance of smartphones has completely revolutionized the protection of habitats.

All these home automation devices for security are configurable and accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or computer via dedicated apps. Depending on the case, the connection is easily made via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio networks but you don't need to be a super geek to equip yourself.

Once connected, it only takes a few clicks to control and monitor your home from anywhere. Reassuring, isn't it?

3 good reasons to adopt home automation for the security of your home


Simulate your presence at different times

Are you away from home for more than 24 hours? Home automation is able to simulate your presence thanks to your own programming of your lighting, your television, your roller shutters, and even music: as if you were there!

With Crorzar, for example, you can control your lighting from your smartphone and define time slots during which your lights will turn on randomly in order to deter potential prowlers.

Monitor your home remotely and control it in real-time

Receive a notification when an abnormal situation occurs in your home? It's possible! Directly on your smartphone or by connecting to the Internet on a landline; your choice depending on what you have on hand ?

You can see in real-time what is happening inside or outside your home thanks to the installation of a motion detector or connected cameras. With a camera, as soon as movement is detected, the device captures photos or videos. It then alerts you.

If you detect an unwanted or abnormal situation, you can direct the camera (s), film, and decide to trigger and/or interrupt the alarm remotely. Some models even have a microphone and speakers, so you can listen to the ambient sound or communicate directly with your loved ones at home in your absence.

To handle with care, all the same, do not play the vigilante!

Build tailor-made scenarios

If you equip your home with several connected objects, you can also build anti-intrusion scenarios to secure your home sweet home.

In the event of a burglary, for example, the presence detector signals an intrusion and sends this information to the other connected objects: the alarm is triggered, the cameras film the people present, the shutters and the openings close automatically while giving the alert to a loved one, to a security agency or to the police station.

Obviously, all this will only be possible if all these objects are compatible with each other. And as it is not always easy - or sometimes too expensive - to equip yourself from a single supplier, consider the "voice assistant" option.

The role of home automation is to simplify your life by controlling in a few clicks, wherever you are, many devices in your home. Applied to security, you can travel with peace of mind to the other side of the world ... provided you have access to a good Internet connection. Sleep soundly, home automation drives out burglars!

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