How To Avoid Free Emotional Support Animal Letter Scam?

It happened so many times that people get scammed by many different websites online just in order to get an ESA letter! but not anymore because here is a complete guide to get your authentic ESA letter.


As the ratio of mental health problems like anxiety and depression continues to spike across the globe, people are getting aware of emotional support animals (ESA) as their therapeutic aides. Since, animals are widely known for providing comfort during emotional stress, depression, or anxiety, the United States federal law grants certain rights to people who want to adopt certain animals or birds as their emotional support. For example, by obtaining a letter from a therapist, people can take their ESA on flights. After getting a dog as your ESA, you can play dog games with him. 

How Can I Obtain an ESA Letter?

The best way to qualify for an emotional support animal is to have a word about your situation with a doctor or therapist. After examining your mental state, the therapist would issue the letter to you for having an ESA and then you can opt for a terrier breeds.

But for many, it might be difficult to afford the costs of multiple appointments with the therapist. It’s the case with most people because they are managing their jobs, families, or education.

Well, this is where the online websites jump in! These websites allow you to obtain emotional support animal letters by finding and connecting you with a legitimate therapist. All you need to do is fill in the required information and the therapist will evaluate it online. Thereby, assigning you the letter to keep the animal of your choice as your ESA.

Can I Really Get Scammed?

Scammers are the termites of online business and Yes! You can get scammed in ESA business too. You will find tons of websites claiming to provide you free emotional support animal letters just by filling the information, promising quick approvals, and letters for a lifetime at a very low cost. If you see anything like this, you are most likely to get scammed!

  1.       Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as instant approval because getting approved for a real letter by a therapist takes time (normally, 48-72 hours). Websites that offer instant approvals would normally just take a letter, put your name on it with a fake signature of any therapist. It puts you in great jeopardy if someone contacts that therapist and he/she denies signing any letter for you. Once getting a letter, you can choose caucasian shepherd.
  2.       Most of the websites display lucrative offers to attract clients. Like, they would claim to offer an ESA letter or a very low-cost letter for a lifetime. It does not make sense, does it? Why would a licensed therapist, having years of experience, would spare his time writing and approving letters for free? There’s no such thing as free lunch, always remember that!
  3. People who choose dogs as their ESA's, they make sure that they are choosing the healthiest dog breeds
  4.     Another important thing to be noted is, There’s no such thing as ‘registration’ for an ESA. So, if you come across a website claiming to ‘register’ your ESA, avoid it like a plague! Moreover, ESAs are not required by law to wear any vests, or their owner to carry proof of registration of their ESA. All you need is an approved letter from a therapist that the animal you are carrying is your ESA and it should remain with you wherever you go. It’s totally your choice to equip your ESA with any accessory if you want to make it distinguished.
  5.       Always ensure that your letter is written on the official letterhead of the licensed therapist or mental health professional, having their contact numbers or email. You can also cross-check whether your therapist’s license is updated, by searching through the ‘professional licensing database’ of your state.  
  6.       Always go for a website that’s secure and its URL has a padlock (the symbol of the lock before the website's name). It ensures that the website is safe and secure to continue any activity such as submitting your sensitive or private information. Once done with all of this, you can opt a service cat as well. 


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