Sleeping with your dog: merits and demerits

Humans are social creatures of nature and their curiosity of humans led them to communicate with animals through love, affection, and other behavioral relations.

Over the ages, humans and animals share an exceptional relationship. In ancient civilizations, the mood of human survival was largely dependent on the domesticated animals to help them in hunting and provide protection against wild animals. Back then, the existence of humans was nearly impossible without the presence of this friendly bond with domesticated animals. Since then humans and animals have developed a cordial relationship that works advantageously for both sides. Thus, with time animals become an essential part of humans' day-to-day life as they help humans to combat modern stressful challenges.

Humans are social creatures of nature and their curiosity of humans led them to communicate with animals through love, affection, and other behavioral relations. Domestication of animals also plays a significant role in the livelihood of many people. Through the ages, people have owned animals as pets such as dogs, cats, horses, goats, and chickens. However, apart from these animals, other animals normally require a unique living environment which makes it unfavorable to own them as pets.

Living with a dog is like having a best friend all the time who loves you unconditionally. People have found dogs as their closest companions of all domesticated pets. Pet dogs develop a strong attachment with their owner and serve as a devoted companions. However, as per government rules, you need to fulfill the documentary procedure of getting an realesaletter before keeping a dog at your residence.

You can enjoy your relaxation time in the comforting championship of your dog. In return, your dog also needs to be treated with love, comfortable shelter, proper food, and exercise. This cordial bonding has remarkable physical and emotional effects on the owners as per the finding of different research studies. Studies have shown that ownership of a dog makes your mood more lively, peaceful, and calm. It is recommended by health professionals to keep an ESA (emotional support animal) dog at home as they can help in improving your mental health conditions. However, to help the patient, an emotional support animal letter can be issued by a certified psychiatrist. This letter helps you to take the ESA dog with you, even to the pet-free zones.

Sleeping with your dog: merits and demerits

Often the tensions and competitions of the modern world make your life stressful. Thus, your doctor might recommend you to own a dog as a part of your treatment. It is worth mentioning that dogs might prove to be the best sleeping buddies, which can alleviate your depressing mode. However, sleeping with a dog has its merits and demerits.

Sleeping with your dog: merits

1- Reduces your loneliness

In recent times, the busy modern life confronts elderly people with feelings of loneliness which can trigger their mental conditions. For such an individual, dogs can act as the best emotional support animals. While sleeping with your dogs will help to relieve anxiety, PTSD, and even calm your emotions. As a result, a calm mind will result in a good night’s sleep. Yet, you will need an real esa letter from a certified health professional before keeping a dog with you.

2- Boosts your mental health

You may feel happy without any reason while sleeping with your dog. This is because; scientific research has proved that cuddling with a dog elevates dopamine and serotonin level which helps in the relaxation of your mind. Thus, an emotional connection with your dog relieves stress, anxiety, and decreases your blood pressure.

3- Provides a sense of security

Most people feel secure in the presence of their family and friends. However, when you lack such relationships, sleeping with your furry friend will provide you peace of mind. Dogs also have an extra alert nature, even while sleeping. This also helps to give the owner a sense of security. Therefore, you would be calm that a loyal companion is there to watch over you in any scary situation such as fire or break-in.

4- Mutual comfort

According to research studies, the owners, having a dog sleeping in their bed has an increased level of oxytocin. Oxytocin promotes a feeling of stability, relaxation, and helps in positive relationship-building. Thus, sleeping with their owner also makes a dog happier. Consequently, it will help comfort your emotional or unstable sleeping pattern.

5- Morning alarm clock

Your dog can remember the feeding and morning walk time. Thus, being an owner, you would also need to follow the morning routine of your dog. Therefore, this will help you organize your sleep pattern, which will ultimately help you to start your day earlier.

Sleeping with your dog: demerits

1- Increased risk of allergies

The risk of allergies might increase if you have environmental allergies or asthma. Many doctors also recommend making your bedroom a pet-free zone even if you do not have pet allergies. Your dog might also bring in dust and pollen that can put allergic patients at risk.

2- Snoring causes disturbance

Sometimes, dogs can be snoring too loudly which can disturb your sleeping pattern. You might also have to wake up early to get to work, thus, the snoring of your dog will no longer make you feel cozy.

3-Hygiene issues

Dogs usually carry ticks, fleas, and roundworms, with higher chances of transmitting many diseases. Thus, sleeping with your dog increases your exposure to such parasites.

4- Furry bed

You will need to change sheets every often if you allow sharing your bed with a dog. You are blessed and lucky if your dog does not shed furs. However, shedding furs might cause a huge problem for the cleanliness of your house. The furs can also cause allergies.

5- Cause injury

You might have an aggressive-natured dog. The behavior of your dog might be dangerous, especially for kids. Thus, be sure to make the kids’ room a dog-free zone.

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