Autoclave Temperature Mapping and Temperature Validation System

Ensure compliance and accuracy with Autoclave Temperature Mapping

Ensure compliance and accuracy with Autoclave Temperature Mapping using our Temperature Validation System. Achieve reliable results with our leading solutions.

Advanced Validation Technology

The Kaye Validator AVS (Advanced Validation System) is a Autoclave Temperature Mapping validation system that combines accurate sensor measurements with all GMP requirements for calibration and traceability to national standards, while generating compliant reports and managing the validated assets and validation equipment. The Validator AVS offers improved hardware features, an easy to use data handling concept and an intuitive, user-friendly software interface.


Reducing Your Cost of Ownership

With our integrated temperature validation system and improved data management concept, the Kaye Validator AVS saves time and money by simplifying the entire validation process.

Lifting Validation to the Next Level

The Kaye Validator AVS introduces a completely new validation concept. The AVS console will be the common platform for all validation products. It is dedicated for validation tasks only — so no worries about operating systems. The Software is preloaded — with a customized interface for validation equipment, simplifying the validation process.

Common Reporting Tool Software


Sometimes the reporting and post analysis of your validation studies are better done in the convenience of your office on a separate PC. That is possible with the Kaye Common Reporting Tool that opens study files generated with Kaye ValProbe RT and Kaye Validator AVS systems. This provides added flexibility and efficiency with the use of your Validation Console. The installation requires Windows 10 with English (US) settings and keyboard.


Validator AVS Wired Temperature Validation System

  • Enhanced data handling and redundancy (4-levels)
  • Expanded input capacity, types, and range
  • Improved scan time 2/sec for 48 inputs (EN554/ISO17665)
  • Stand-alone operation with Console docking station

Validator AVS Console

  • Hardened, rugged Console pre-loaded with all Kaye software
  • Easy-to-operate / state-of-the art intuitive user interface
  • Ethernet/ WiFi/ Docking Station connections
  • Asset centric concept for process equipment and Kaye hardware
  • Console capable of running existing Kaye product software.
  • Improved Reporting Analysis Tool –backward compatible
  • Simplified validation (GAMP-5)

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