When Do Real Estate Agents Get Their Commission?

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The agent commission is one of the main issues when managing real estate transactions. This is why there are agents who are only after selling the property and don't bother sharing tips and advice to buyers. Now the question is when the agent will get their commission for selling a property and when they won't be eligible for it? These are the questions that we will be answering in this article, which will be beneficial for those who are wondering whether their agent or realtor is only after making a sale.

When are agents not eligible for commissions?

Commissions are a form of incentive for professionals who offered their services to close a deal or a transaction. This means that an agent should not be compensated if they didn't provide the service you need or weren't able to make the transaction easier for you. Remember that real estate agents are working for you, and they will get commissions in exchange for their service.

As real estate agents, they are working to make the deal easier for the buyer. You are not in a transaction to convince the buyer that a particular property is great for them and should be purchased immediately. Clients are already willing to buy a property, and they are only looking for someone who can work with them; convincing them to buy the property is not considered as an offered service.

When are agents eligible for commissions?

Anytime a buyer is convinced that the agent played his part to close a deal, the real estate agent is eligible for a commission. If everything was done perfectly and the deal was closed, the agent will then receive the commission from the broker. Keep in mind that trying to close a deal is not as easy as you think. Many things should be done to be successful with it, and the commission is only a form of compensation for a job well done.

Now that you know these things, I think you'll feel more secure when getting the service of a real estate agent. They must help you with all the transactions because this is the reason why you will be spending money for the service of an agent.

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