What is the role of Literature in today's world?

What is the role of Literature in today's world?

What is the role of Literature in today's world? In this post gratefull provided by payforessay.pro closes a series of three questions addressed to more than 10 professional writers. In the two previous posts, respectively, we asked “ What is good writing for you? "And" Ideology x Literature, how to deal with it? ”. See, in the video below, the answers of the interviewed writers, in their own words:


The role of literature today is the role it has always had, of being a mirror of human possibilities: “look at the goodness that is possible”; "Look at the cruelty that is possible". You look at Brasilia today and see the mediocrity that was established by the vote, and then you realize that the book is more important than ever, that Literature is indispensable.


The role of today's literature is basically the same as it has always been: it is to preserve in words the thinking of certain generations. It demonstrates what we imagine of our world, of our expectations for the future, of how we see the past, in a way that can project, imagine an ever more evolving future.


For me, the most important role that literature has today is exactly the transduction of everything that the author captures and that mobilizes him in some way; he observes in the world for the reader. And he will use exactly his texts, his stories, to make this transduction and communicate everything that, for him, is really important. So, the biggest role of literature is communication.


Literature today, or always, but perhaps today more than ever is a possibility of refuge, a possibility of shelter, it is a possibility of expanding our understanding of human nature and, with that, making us more prepared to face the hostilities that we face. that same human nature offers. But literature is, more than anything, a hug, a way of supporting the world, even when it is not just idyll, even when it is not just enjoyment and enjoyment, literature helps us to stand on our feet in the midst of these whirlwinds. everyone around us.


The role of literature today is the same role that literature has always had, which is to be literature. As much as books and narratives help us to be more empathetic, more aware human beings and, especially, that literature helps us to think about reality, literature is not obliged to have a role. All of those good things that literature does are consequences, not an answer. So, the role of literature is to be literature.


I think that literature does not necessarily need to have a role. But, if I had to point out a role for literature, I think it would help to train readers.


I think that literature has several roles: the role of entertaining, giving information, making people reflect on the human condition, representing a social cause, a political position. We live in an extremely alienated and conformist world. And I think that literature can be a key factor in changing people's minds; to make them start to assimilate information in a more critical way.


Considering that we live in a world in full planetary transition, full of conflicts, hatred of the skin, intolerance, where everything that is solid is cut in the air; where people have very low listening power, with very little ability to interpret text, I think that literature should be simple, direct and positive. Talk about the hope that the future brings. Literature should bring confidence in tomorrow.


In my understanding, literature today plays the same role that it has played throughout human history: enriching people's lives - whether through new knowledge, either through a new world, a new experience, or through she disconnects from her reality; I believe that the role of literature is to make us transcend that life, our daily life and find something else, something different.


I think that the great role of literature today is to resist, more than in other times, in a way that this world, as it stands, does not swallow the will that people have to read, to look in books, to live others experiences.

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