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?‍♂️Text-To-Speech softwares S*UCK...But Not Speechelo!!
As we mentioned yesterday, Speechelo is the BEST text-to-speech app available in the market…
Rather, it's the ONLY app that NOT JUST CLAIMS TO, But actually UNDERSTANDS what your scripts MEAN to add REAL inflexions to voiceovers.
Yeah, we are talking...NO MORE R0B0TIC-sounding voiceovers...
We guarantee you CANN0T tell the difference between Speechelo and a REAL human voice. (Your cIients will pay BlG bucks for this level of quality!)
We understand there have been voiceover softwares in the market for quite some time which you may have bought...
We got a few as well, but what's THE #1 REAS0N why Speechelo WINS BIG over any of them!
When we do a voiceover, we're not looking for just text-to-speech… One needs different characters, different emotions, different pitch, different speed...
You see...
A sales video is different from a normal video
An explainer video is different
A video ad is different
A radio advertisement is different and more..
And Speechelo has different voiceovers styles for your different kind of needs..
No other Text-To-Speech software allows you to add customizations to the voice…
– Add Pauses, Breathes, Inflections, Tone, Emphasis on words..
– Make Listeners believe it’s a real human talking
Though we’re confident that you’ll LOVE Speechelo… however, for ANY reason if you decide it isn't for you?
Let me assure you that your purchase is covered by a 60 days M0NEY back gu@rantee...
Meaning - you get entire 2 months to try out Speechelo for F-R-E-E…
Yes, you heard that right....
Team StockNation
PS: Looking for Speechelo upgrades to power charge your purch@se? Here you go:
OTO1: Speechelo Pro
With this upgrade, Get 1OO New VOICES and UNLOCK NEW Speechelo Features and get the RIGHT to seII your VOICEOVERS to people.
Yes, you heard that right…
✅ 100+ NEW V0ICES which makes it 171 IN TOTAL!
✅ Dialogue Type Voiceovers - use multiple voices in a single voiceover
✅ 40 Mesmerizing Background Music Tracks
✅ F-R-E-E C0MMERCIAL LlCENSE… And so much more!
OTO2: Speechelo WorldWide
This upgrade allows you to translate and Create Voiceovers in ANY LANGUAGE and 10x Your Trafflc and Proflts overnight.
Imagine taking a youtube video, and translating its voiceover into a different language... without having to do any translations yourself!
Yes, That’s the power of Speechelo Worldwide.