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Getting Started in Crypto Currency Lesson 1: Wallets

Crypto currency is a form of asset that is created digitally through algorithms. These algorithms run on a system called the blockchain. To store your crypto currency, you need a wallet. A wallet is exactly what it sounds like somewhere to store your currency. In this case it is a digital asset of some sort.

Starting off you need at least 2 wallets. The reason for this approach is because Hackers are constantly out to steal your assets so you need to devise a way to keep them safe. One wallet for transactions and one for storage. The first wallet I use is guarda.com. This is my online transaction wallet. I like this wallet because I can use it on my computer or cell phone, so I can access it regarding what device I am making my transactions on. If I want to buy something, I transfer the coins needed to this wallet. If I am using a faucet or retrieving my coins from mining, I use this wallet. My storage wallet is Nexo Bank https://nexo.io/?u=5eec6c4df0a2da0feb69da94 . The reason I use Nexo is because I can earn interest on my assets up to 10% and I hold Nexo tokens which earn 30%, interest compounds daily so that is some great earnings. Now that you have learned about wallets, I suggest you go and take a look at them So you will be ready to start earning with tomorrows lesson. Go download guarda.com to your devices and take a look around at how it works. Same thing, with Nexo go take a look at how it operates.