The average height of Chinese men is among the highest rise of 9 cm over the course of 35 years

Average height of Chinese males increased by more than 9 centimeters during the period of 35 years, between 1985 and the year 2019. The trend has been a hot issue on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo this Wednesday with more than 104,000 followers.
According to a report about the chronic and nutritional health of Chinese residents that was released in China's National Health Commission last year that the height average of Chinese residents has been increasing in recent years.

The average height of female and male residents between the ages of 18-44 grew in 1.2 centimeters or 0.8 centimeter , respectively, when as compared to five years ago. Meanwhile, girls and boys between the ages of 6-17 increased to 1.6 centimeters as well as 1 centimeter during the time.

A survey that was published worldwide in The Lancet, a Medical journal The Lancet in November 2020 is also a sign how the Chinese population is increasing in height as the height average of Chinese males experiencing the largest increase between 1985 and the year 2019 in all 200 regions and countries studied and women was third. The study states that the average height of 19-year old Chinese males stands at 175.7 cm. The height the average height of Chinese women is 163.5 centimeters.

Many online users concurred with the the survey's results, looking at their height in comparison to the younger generation.

One user commented that the rise in height for Chinese children is due to improved nutrition from milk and beef which the older generation did not have.

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