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When it comes to choosing pet-friendly vacuums, there are a few manufacturers that you can rely on, and Shark is one of those. This company has pioneered making pet vacuums with valuable features and tools to tackle pet hair - one of the biggest nightmares that pet owners have to deal with.

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet NV752 is a typical example. As the name suggests, it comes with a detachable pod, giving users the mobility to move around hard-to-reach spots and hidden corners in the house. When the canister is lifted away, it works as a handheld, meaning you have a 2-in-1 vacuum with strong suction power to vacuum multiple floor types.

Shark understands that pet owners need to have powerful yet portable machines to gobble up pet fur, so they have incorporated smooth-rolling wheels and a swivel steering system in the NV752. Thanks to these useful features, this machine has excellent maneuverability, you can quickly move it around furniture without draining your wrists. The NV752 certainly deserved its rating as the best Shark vacuum for pet hair.

However, if your dwelling is an apartment, stick vacuums like the Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light HV322 or the Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 might work as better options. The HV322 weighs only 8.6 pounds, making it a lightweight and compact model for small spaces. What’s more? With a 32 feet power cord, it has a pretty good cleaning radius. Besides, it can be converted into a handheld by simply removing the wand at the vacuum's front.

The SV1106 is probably the most popular model in Shark’s Freestyle series. This stick vacuum comes in light grey color, giving it a modern and premium look. But appearance is not what helps it earn the spot of best shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair on various ratings. It has solid performance on both hard floors and carpeted surfaces. The SV1106 also comes with two suction modes, giving you flexibility and ease of use when moving from one-floor type to another.

Stick vacuums do not usually have a large dust cup capacity, but this is reasonable because these slim machines are designed to be used in apartments and small houses. The SV1106 dust cup’s volume is 0.64 quarts, meaning it can store around two days of dirt and debris, which is quite decent for its weight and price.

You’re probably asking if Shark only makes uprights and sticks? Can pet owners purchase any Shark handhelds that work well with pet hair? Find out more on our review of the best Shark vacuums for pet hair here:

Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair - What Is The Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair

Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair - What Is The Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair

Pet hair is tough to clean up. One of the best Shark vacuums for pet hair can handle that problem for you!