How Much Does It Cost to Hire Dedicated Developers

If you’re going to develop apps as a business, you’ll need to hire dedicated developers. Here’s what you need to know.

Whether your business is just starting or you have recently taken over a well-established and old family company, it is always best to bring in modern and technological advancements. 

Whether the advancement is in the form of developing an automated employee attendance portal, or an online inventory website, all such advancements will help enhance work efficiency and improve the overall workforce’s productivity. 

Hence, regardless of where your company stands or which industry it belongs to, having a well-developed online presence will always work in its favor. 

However, although most old and new businesses now understand and recognize the importance of involving modern technology in their day-to-day dealings, they are unaware of how to go about this process.

Usually, there are two ways a company can develop an online presence and shift its operations and dealings to the internet. 

The first way is by delegating this task to an in-house team of IT experts who can focus on developing different online portals and channels for the company’s multiple departments and functions.

The second, the more popular and frequently used option, is outsourcing this task to a developing agency or directly hiring a team of dedicated developers on a temporary project basis.

These hired dedicated developers work closely with the client company’s IT as well as other departments and require information to develop multiple online platforms during their project in return for a per-hour fee. 

Continue reading to learn more about who these dedicated developers are, what kind of projects they are usually hired for, and the average cost dedicated developers usually charge for different services. 

Moreover, the article also sheds light on the key factors you need to consider when hiring a team of dedicated developers.

Who is a Dedicated Developer?

As mentioned above, companies seeking ways to create an online presence usually have the option to set up an in-house team of IT developers or opt for outsourced development agencies with the expertise, experience, and skilled professionals to develop all the technical platforms exactly the way the client requires.

Hence, dedicated developers are trained and highly skilled IT experts that a company can hire python developers or pay for their part-time developmental services.

These employees or developers usually reach out to new, growing businesses themselves to discuss a business proposition regarding how their expertise and tools can help add value to their organization.

Once a client company expresses their interest in these services, the team of hired dedicated developers creates a quotation where they discuss the individual cost of each service, along with the total cost of the entire project.

Once the contract is signed between the client company and the developers, they dedicate their full time, focus, resources, and expertise to developing the different online platforms and web pages the client company has agreed to pay for.

Moreover, apart from offering the initial developmental services, hired dedicated developers can also sign longer contracts that oblige them to offer website or application management services, along with timely updates. 

The Primary Information Required by Hired Dedicated Developers

Apart from a signed contract and an initial payment, the team of hired dedicated developers will also require detailed information from the client company they agreed to develop the online presence for.

Some of the required information includes:

  • The company’s logo, brand details, and other distinctive qualities such as the color theme, tagline, etc.
  • The company’s primary objectives for having its online presence developed. 
  • For instance, if the client company’s goal is to increase its sales, the dedicated developers can help create a website that lists the products and facilitates an easier purchase process.
  • Whereas, if the client company is focused on increasing brand awareness, then the dedicated developers can develop a more eye-catching and attractive website, along with integrated social media platforms that educate the audience regarding the company’s products and services.

What Kind of Projects are Dedicated Developers Usually Hired for? 

Apart from creating an online presence, Hire Android developersmight help it expand its operations and enhance its workplace efficiency.

Hence, some of the key services provided by hired dedicated developers are as follows:

  • Product quality management software
  • On-Time Delivery software
  • A company website
  • The company’s mobile applications, along with its UX/UI designs
  • Online employee reporting portals or channels
  • Salesforce development services
  • Customer satisfaction portal 
  • Intracompany communication channels or websites

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Team of Dedicated Developers?

The quote generated for a client company directly depends on the development services they seek. The average cost for some of the services provided by most hired dedicated developers is as follows:

  • The cost of mobile application development services will directly depend on the software's complexity. 
  • For instance, for simple software with a single managerial interface and a single customer interface, the software development costs should be between 30 to 50 USD per hour.
  • However, if the client requires complex multi-interface software for Android and iOS phones, the cost can be anywhere between 120 to 300 USD per hour.
  • Moreover, the same is the case when a client company wants a website. If the website’s overall design is not as complicated, and the hired team comprises beginner or intermediate-level developers, the cost will be 30 to 50 USD.
  • However, if the website is quite complicated or the hired team of blockchain developers has substantial experience and a great market reputation, the per-hour cost can be around 150 to 400 USD per hour.
  • Furthermore, client companies can also provide a certain development package according to their budget. 
  • For instance, if the client is willing to spend 50 USD per hour on software, they can select a package with relatively limited services, less complicated designs, fewer revisions, and less experienced developers.
  • On the contrary, by choosing a 400 USD per hour package, they can enjoy software development services provided by highly experienced dedicated developers, along with a higher number of revisions and more complex details. 

What Are the Key Factors You Need to Consider when Hiring a Team of Dedicated Developers?

Before you sign a contract with a team of hired dedicated developers, ensure to consider the following factors:

  • Their overall expertise, skills, frequently used development software and other IT tools
  • Their experience in offering dedicated developing services, and their overall client portfolio
  • The size of their skilled team
  • The average per-hour cost/fee they require
  • Their location 
  • The overall flexibility of their work
  • Their overall customer service
  • Their market reputation

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in investing in a professional and dedicated development company, it is best to first assess your budget, as the overall cost of doing so can vary according to the kind of service you wish to avail.

For instance, if your budget is small, you can pay 30 to 50 USD per hour to have software or a website developed by a team of intermediate or beginner-level dedicated developers.

However, if you are willing to pay more for higher-skilled services and more complex software, you might have to pay a fee of 150 to 400 USD per hour. 

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