Attracting visitors to your website is important … but if you can't convert that traffic into sales, the marketing effort is absolutely useless.


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At GROU, as part of all the Inbound Marketing campaigns that we implement year after year, we have identified at least 20 proven tactics to get our clients' visitors to go from a passive visit to an action, which is to fill out a form, delivering their email address in exchange for new content of value.

  1. Keep the forms as short as possible. When requesting information, the first time, simply try to place the extremely necessary fields: If the name, company and E-mail address is enough, the better. According to statistics from Hubspot, the excessive request for information can cause a drop in conversions of 20 percent.
  2. Use words that call to action directly. When you are testing different CTAs (Call To Action), you need to use language that motivates the greatest number of visitors to move forward   (for example, saying " DOWNLOAD THIS FREE EBOOK AND LEARN QUICKLY HOW TO GENERATE NEW CUSTOMERS WITH YOUR WEBSITE").
  3. Take advantage of the great power of testimonials. Customer statements that come forward, offer their contact information and show that they are very satisfied with your service or product are what Inbound Marketing specialists call “the best social proof”. It is essential to use them within blogposts, on the home page of the website or even within a landing page for those BOFU (“Bottom Of The Funnel”) content, that is, the one designed to direct qualified leads to your website.
  4. Only reaffirm the benefits of your product or service through "paint points". Don't worry about talking about the characteristics of your product. What really matters is that potential customers understand how your content helps them solve a problem. Alone they will realize that your product or service is a good option, but it is essential that they discover it on their own and that you do not try to sell all the time.
  5. Pay attention to each headline. It does not matter if it is a blogpost, an eBook, a Whitepaper, a video or whatever type of content it is. The headline is perhaps the most important element in attracting potential customers to your website. Always think of at least 5 good headline ideas, before choosing the most powerful one.
  6. You need videos to humanize your brand. It is essential to include simple and fast content videos to show that there are real people behind your brand. Animated videos no longer work as much as three years ago, when they were a novelty. Today, to download new premium content, many visitors need a visual reference and see someone in the flesh representing your brand.
  7. Recommend more related content. Within each piece of content it is essential to place links to other materials that offer more answers to the questions of our potential clients. The longer you have them browsing within your site, the higher the possibility of an effective conversion and / or a recommendation of your content on their social networks.
  8. Test different CTAs. Those buttons that say "DOWNLOAD THIS CONTENT" or the button "REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT" can have different results depending on where it is placed, what color it is and even how large it is. Over time, you should try several variants to see which ones perform the best.
  9. Take your leads down a single path. When creating a landing page, try to avoid anything else that distracts your visitors, such as a navigation bar or other CTAs. Your landing page should be 100% specific so that visitors feel comfortable taking the action you require of them.
  10. Play with emotions to win in the long run. You need to use emotionally charged language and storytelling focused on leaving every visitor eager and excited to search for more content. In the medium term, you will be a reference for him. Never forget that the secret of Inbound Marketing is to make them trust your authority as an industry leader first and then, if they need to, think of you as their first choice when they need to make a purchasing decision.
  11. A picture is worth a thousand words. Using boring, generic photos can send the wrong message about your brand. Professional-quality photos, that are not pixelated, with a message that helps to empower the content owner, are extremely powerful. If possible, use images of happy or positive people. This type of visual content is proven to help achieve better conversions.
  12. Chat with them. For many industries it is important to offer a live chat to answer specific questions from potential customers. It is essential that those who respond to the chats focus on solving problems, suggesting content and never (yes, I said never !!!) on selling. It is when you take advantage of that dialogue to try to sell that you have a very high percentage of losing the visitor.
  13. Test contents of different extensions. Depending on your niche, product, and audience, a copy can be more effective than a long one (or vice versa). Make sure to test different texts (measured in word count) to see what works best for your visitors.
  14. Make sure contact information is highly visible. Give your visitors the ability to enter a conversation in an easily accessible place on the site.

Never forget that the key to achieving better conversions on your website is to test, test ... and test.

What works for one website, audience, or niche may not work for another. That is precisely why it is difficult to offer a single strategy to achieve optimal conversions. Research which Inbound Marketing tactics work best for your business and execute them.

Do you have any other tips on how to get better conversions on your website? Share them with our great Inbound community in the comments section, found further down this article.


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