New Welfare Services For Farmers By TDP Government.

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Input subsidy:

The seeds:

  •     50 percent subsidy on seeds of pulses, and oilseeds for the people of AP under the Leadership of Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu.
  •     Supply of one lakh 30 thousand quintals, supply of 3.5 lakh quintals of groundnut seeds with a subsidy of Rs.24,85 crores in 2003 Kharif - 33,540 quintals of soybean seeds supplied with a subsidy of Rs.2.01 crores in 2003 Kharif.
  •     Supply of one lakh tonnes of gypsum fertiliser with a subsidy of Rs.6 crore.
  •     Fertilisers Supply of 10,000 tonnes of Fertilisers (Zinc Sulphate) with a subsidy of Rs.10 crore.

Crop insurance for farmers:

  •     Insurance claims of Rs.250 crore will be settled.
  •     7 lakh farmers benefited.
  •     Release of Rs.110 crores on behalf of the state government of Andhra Pradesh by TDP Government.
  •     Regular monitoring ensures that the amount due to the farmers is immediately credited to their accounts with help of the best TDP MLAs and TDP Leaders.

Formation of Rythu Mitra Sanghas:

  •     2 Formation of Lakh Rythu Mitra Groups In a phased manner
  •     Formation of about 8-10 groups in each Gram Panchayat.
  •     About 15 members in each group.
  •     Acts as a bridge between the agricultural extension officer and the farmers.
  •     Consultations and discussions about scientific agricultural practices.
  •     Assessment of Agricultural Cultivation Requirements.
  •     Introduction of the latest technology in farms.
  •     Various services like soil sample testing camps, health camps, etc Providing
  •     An expenditure of Rs.350 crores
  •     Arrangements for bank linkage and matching of Rs.15,000/- on savings and performance basis
  •     TDP Government made sure that the grant formation group is formed and, Rs.2,500 is sanctioned to the people and considered to be one of the TDP Contributions.

Waiver of interest:

  •     2002 In respect of Kharif loans - 100 percent interest waiver in drought-prone areas, thus the expenditure of funds of Rs.128 crores.
  •     A 5 percent rebate on interest in places is not declared as drought areas, thereby spending Rs.22 crores.
  •     Regarding the current deferment of long-term loans - 100 percent interest waiver on the long-term and medium-term loans in drought-affected areas thereby incurring an outlay of Rs.125 crores.
  •     5 percent rebate on interest in places not declared as drought areas and thus Rs.30 crore
  •     expenditure 100 percent waiver of delinquent interest on short-term loan arrears thus Rs.43.80 crores.
  •     100 percent waiver of outstanding interest on long-term and medium-term loan arrears  thus Rs.52.20 We spent crores
  •     3 percent of the primary interest on long-term loans taken before the 2002 Concession, Thus the expenditure of Rs.100 crores.
  •     100 crore share by the government in payment of compensation under crop insurance expenditure.
  •     Assistance to the extent of Rs.500 crores to the members of cooperative credit institutions is given and is the greatest TDP Achievement.

Financial Assistance to Fishermen:

  •     Finance to 40,000 fish workers at a cost of Rs.10 crores under microfinance help
  •     Financial assistance for outboard motors for 5000 people at the cost of Rs.15 crores Construction of 5000 houses for fish workers

Allocations for Livestock Development:

  •     Under an integrated scheme for pastures for grazing sheep and goats at a cost of Rs.80 crores showing the earth.
  •     Formation of 10,000 sheep breeders' groups.
  •     Project for 20,000 sheep-rearing units of Deccani and Nellore varieties
  •     Sheep shearing machines, and sheep deworming equipment at a cost of Rs.7.50 crores.
  •     The benefit to one lakh beneficiaries.
  •     Deworming and vaccination of 120 lakh sheep at a cost of Rs crores,
  •     benefiting 6 lakh people.

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