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If you are not new to the website design industry then you must have come across the terms breadcrumbs.  Earlier breadcrumbs used to be the feature offered by different websites but now if you are looking to enhance your website design and user experience then it has become essential for every website to add the breadcrumbs. It acts as an important part of a good and well-designed website

Every person gets lost if they are visiting a new park, city, or mall and these types of activities frustrate them. Instead of finding the right direction people start to look for the exit. In the same way when a new user lands on your website to find the particular solution and if the other elements or links take them to another page. There are high chances that your site visitor might get lost in your website. 

Well if people get lost in streets or parks then they have other people around them from where they can assist. But it’s totally the opposite when it comes to website design, instead of seeking help users abandon the website and leave it without performing the desired action. So adding breadcrumbs into your website will not only help your site visitor but will also help your website and business in improving website conversion, reducing bounce rate, and overall performance. 


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