Top 5 Best Mobile Phone Accessories for Wholesale

Mobile phones are not a luxury anymore; they have become a necessity for everyone.

Mobile phones are not a luxury anymore; they have become a necessity for everyone. That is why every year, more than $60 billion are earned by selling mobile accessories.

If you plan to start a wholesale business for mobile accessories, you should know which mobile accessories are worth keeping in stock.

We are here to inform you about just that.

Pro Tips to Purchase Wholesale Mobile Phone Accessories

Before moving forward, let's discuss the things you should consider before buying wholesale mobile accessories:

·       Beware of Fraud

Before making a purchase, you should ensure that the supplier has permission to sell. Some suppliers may offer you fake mobile accessories at lower rates than the market. You should be mindful of their tricks and avoid such dealings.

·       Get A Profit Margin

To decide if an accessory is worth keeping in your stock, you should calculate the following:

the actual cost of your product + shipping cost + marketing cost

After calculating these expenses, you should compare the product price with your selling price. This way, you will have a clear idea of your profit margin.

It will enable you to buy only the most profitable accessories for your Wholesale Business.

Top 5 Best Wholesale Mobile Phone Accessories

If you want to buy mobile accessories in bulk, the following list will help you choose the most profitable mobile accessories:

·       Wireless Charger

Market Value: $11 Billion

Wireless chargers were first invented way back in 1978, but they started getting mainstream attention in the past few years. Now, the demand for wireless charger is increasing day by day. That is because of the trendy and functional nature of this accessory.

Most people have become frustrated by multiple cables. The wireless charger is invented especially for them. Plus, it is a low-cost mobile accessory that you can easily buy from a Wholesale Marketplace.

·       Mobile Phone Covers and Cases

Market Value: $10 Billion Phone covers and cases are the most commonly used mobile accessory around the world. They provide protection and style to your mobile phones. People invest massive amounts every year in mobile phone cases.

These covers and cases for mobile not only protect them from dust and water but also give them a fashionable look.

·       VR Headset

Market Value: $19 Billion

Virtual reality has become popular among the masses. People love to see and experience things in 3D simulations. Virtual reality headsets are mostly used to watch action or science fiction movies. Besides that, they are also used by teenagers to play video games.

·       Headphones Earphones

Market Value: $25.1 Billion

Another profitable mobile phone accessory is headphones and earphones. You can buy wholesale headphones and earphones at the lowest rates and make huge profits by selling them. Unlike other mobile add-ons, headphones and earphones are a must-have.

·       Screen Protectors

Market Value: $2.3 Billion

Screen protectors are a top-selling mobile phone accessory. They have become a necessity rather than a trending item.

Screen protectors are so prevalent that they are bought along with every new mobile phone. For wholesalers, this accessory is the best   because of its low rates and high demand.

Places to Purchase Wholesale Mobile Phone Accessories

Now that you know about the top-selling mobile phone accessories, the next step is to find places where you can buy these accessories. The following are some of the best places to purchase mobile phone accessories in bulk:

  • Official Websites of top mobile brands who sell wholesale accessories.
  • Visit online wholesale marketplaces. You can get the best quality accessories at the lowest rates from these platforms.
  • Contact cell phone accessories wholesale distributors to get your desired products.
  • Visit your local wholesale electronics market to purchase mobile accessories.

In A Nutshell

The wholesale mobile phone accessories business is indeed a profitable one. However, to achieve success in this business, you should know which mobile accessories to stock up in your warehouse.

The list mentioned above contains mobile phone accessories with low rates and huge profits. We hope this information will help you establish a thriving wholesale business for mobile phone accessories. Good Luck!

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