Is The Led High Bay High In Power?

Is the power of the Led High bay high?

At present, my country's resource utilization rate continues to increase, and various industries have strict energy-saving requirements for products. What are the requirements for automatic floodlight operating lights for airports?

Is the power of the Led High bay high?

The omnidirectional automatic floodlight operating light is a point light source that can illuminate uniformly in all directions. Its lighting plan can be adjusted arbitrarily and displayed as an octahedron icon in the scene

The omnidirectional automatic floodlight produces highly diffuse and non-directional light instead of a generalized and clear beam, resulting in soft and transparent shadows.

When used to illuminate objects, the speed at which the illumination decreases is much slower than when using spotlights. What are the requirements for the use of omnidirectional automatic floodlights in airports?

The high pole lights of the apron are the main equipment for the apron flood lighting. The power security department is responsible for the daily management, inspection and maintenance of high-pole lights and power supply cables.

In order to ensure the safe and effective operation of aircraft at night and under low visibility conditions in the apron operation area, and to ensure the safety and applicability, advanced technology, economy and rationality of the apron omnidirectional automatic floodlight operation light, this paper is specially formulated standard.

The apron floodlight must provide sufficient lighting for the apron operation area and correctly identify the graphics and colors of the relevant aircraft signs, ground signs and obstacle signs.

The position and direction of the omnidirectional automatic floodlight operating lights on the apron shall ensure that each position can receive light from more than two directions to minimize shadows. Pay attention to the following aspects

  1. The floodlights on the tarmac should not cause glare that hinders pilots, tower controllers and ground operators
  2. The intact rate of floodlights on the apron shall not be less than 80%, and the whole set of lights shall not be extinguished.
  3. The area on the tarmac where the aircraft stops and works on the ground and nearby
  4. Aircraft seats, special locations for parking aircraft on the tarmac
  5. Airport cyberspace, which is higher than the conventional obstacle surface to ensure a safe air for take-off and landing of aircraft to limit the obstacle height of the airport and its surrounding area
  6. Illuminance, the illuminance of a point on the surface is the quotient of the luminous flux dф incident on the panel, including the point divided by the area of ​​the panel dA. The symbol is e, and the unit is lux (lx), 1lx=lm/㎡
  7. Floodlight lighting. Floodlights are usually used to illuminate a large area or scene, so that the illuminance of the illuminated surface is significantly higher than that of the surrounding environment.
  8. The ratio of minimum illuminance to uniform illuminance on a regular surface of lighting uniformity
  9. Illuminance gradient, indicating the rate of change of illuminance between adjacent grid points
  10. Glare, because the brightness or brightness distribution on the horizon of the Led Flood Light Factory is inappropriate, or there is a polar contrast, it causes uncomfortable feelings or visual phenomena, thereby reducing the ability to investigate details or targets

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